Torin Lee

(Asst. Editor: Diane Renz, MA, LPC)

Torin Lee is a certified Coach and Pastoral Counselor, bringing almost 20 yrs of communication, training and business experience to the field of coaching. Her clientele is as diverse as her own personal experiences, which she draws on in her work. Her main focus has been to find creative solutions to make a difference in business, individual lives and the world. For more information, or to work with Torin, please visit

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Co-Editor of PsychoSpiritual


Torin Lee has had several incarnations within her 18+ year career, including political campaign manager, health educator, public relations manager, and employee engagement consultant, author and holistic life coach ( Both inside and outside corporate walls, her main focus has been to find creative solutions to make a difference in business, individual lives and the world.  Torin’s latest adventure is as Owner and Cultivator of the Oneida Holistic Health Center a center for wellness and healing.
In her leisure time, Torin enjoys travel, reading, hiking (most recently a trek through Nepal), mountain biking, CrossFit, nature walks, photography, volunteering and spending time with her husband, friends, family and soon-to-be friends.




About Blaze, aka Barbara Lazarony
Co-Editor of PsychoSpiritual

Blaze is a Fire-Starter, Illuminator, and Torchbearer. As a Certified Transformational Life and Business Coach, she is committed to helping women Blaze their Brilliant Path and manifest a vision of a life and business that align with them.

Blaze excelled for twenty years in the fast-paced world of a Fortune 100 company; where she created a ‘wildly successful’ career. In 2003 she found herself face-to-face with thyroid cancer. Using her illness as a catalyst, she “blazed” her own brilliant path to recovery and wholeness.

Blaze transferred her diverse skills from the corporate environment to serve as an Executive Director for a nonprofit dedicated to using writing to heal. So began the journey of merging her professional skills with her more creative gifts. She is the author of two books of poetry and earned a certificate in journal facilitation to inspire others to use words for creative self-expression, healing, and transformation.

Following her growing desire to mentor and empower others, Blaze earned life coaching certificates from Martha Beck and from the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology. She is also a Certified Hypnotherapist, offering intuitive hypnotherapy as a part of her practice to help others be their best selves. As a guest lecturer for the Ernst & Young Leadership Seminar at California State University, Northridge, she uses her creative, and sassy leadership style to assist others to discover their essence, outline their values, and create a vision for their future as leaders in the world.

Blaze is passionate about coaching women to become the person they’ve always wanted to be and inspiring them to step into their own personal business fire. She believes that each person has the opportunity to change the world as they reconnect to their own brilliant passion, purpose, and power.

Contact Blaze and to bring your business vision into reality today.

Visit her website:
Visit her on Facebook: Blaze A Brilliant Path
Pacific Grove, California USA

About Diane Renz, MA, LPC
Assistant Editor of PsychoSpiritual

Diane Renz, MA, LPC is a Psychotherapist in private practice trained in Transpersonal psychology with extensive post graduate studies in Trauma and Somatic psychology. She specializes in anxiety utilizing the latest neuroscience studies that show our capacity for brain change through focused attention to sensations, images, thoughts and emotions. She presents a variety of somatic and mindfulness based practices to help people affect state changes. Her work is fueled both by professional training and personal exploration.

Through experimenting with her own anxiety, she developed tools for, what she calls; Returning, Remembering and Reinforming the nervous system. Diane created a program for performance anxiety arising out of her own explorations with introversion and fears of public speaking. She has written and performed six autobiographical monologues and appeared in two plays. She continues to use her own life as a study, implementing body-mind practices that lead to integrative states. She has studied with Dan Siegel, MD, in the field of neuroscience, Jon Kabat-Zinn in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and integrates the teachings of numerous other leaders in the field of Somatic research and Neural plasticity. Diane’s view of a person’s inherent health guides her work. Each symptom becomes opportunity for healing. Both her professional and personal experience has proven that you can turn ‘pain into possibility’ as it becomes your Gateway to Healing.

Diane is currently working on a book that compiles her healing journey. She offers counseling and workshops nationwide and is available for speaking engagements on Integrative Healing Paths from both the patient's and clinician's perspective. You can contact her at or visit her website at

Diane will be giving a webinar on specific experiential steps to working with emotions from her model: AIM your SITES™®: Creating Context for Approaching Your Life: How to create environments that illuminate our best – Practical use of current research bridging science and contemplative practices. Specifically this webinar will teach you how to get the most out of your spiritual practice by learning how to stay embodied with intense emotion. Please send an email with WEBINAR in subject to, if you would like to register for this event. Date TBD.

In support of learning how to utilize the power of authenticity in exploring our vulnerability, I encourage you to check out this amazing FREE series of interviews with top teachers who reveal their own challenging personal journeys – Teaching What We Need to Learn. To name a few, you will hear interviewed: Dan Siegel, MD, Tara Brach, Tami Simon, Harvelle Hendrix, two interviews per week over 20 weeks. Just click here to learn more and listen for free.

Visit her website:

Her office:
Your Gateway to Healing, Inc.
3393 Iris Ave, Suite 106
Boulder, Colorado 80301 USA
(720) 317-5170



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