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Jean-Pierre Ruiz

Jean-Pierre Ruiz is the founder of EcoStar Health, Inc., a California-based e-tailer of Earth-Conscious products with a mission to empower people to take control of their health. EcoStar Health’s Advisory Board, consisting of Drs. Tracy Darling and Loren Marks, as well as Nutrition Therapist Lisa Bastian, selects the healthiest products from companies which share EcoStar Health’s mission to minimize its carbon footprint and empower its stakeholders, the community in which the company operates, and the planet. Mr. Ruiz started EcoStar Health with the belief that we can only be healthy if we live on a healthy planet.  For more information, please visit www.ecostarhealth.com.

More about Jean-Pierre Ruiz
Co-Editor of Conscious Consumerism

Jean-Pierre has a diverse background. Born in Paris, and educated in Paris and Spain, while coming to the United States to continue his education and live, has given him a global outlook. He uses his education as a lawyer and engineer to work as a consultant, assisting companies to optimize their profits by maximizing market share; penetrating new markets; designing efficient work processes; and developing growth strategies, while providing for their employees, their families and the environment. Jean-Pierre works is based in his belief that empowered employees working in a healthy environment increases profitability.

Jean-Pierre has worked as a lobbyist for smaller companies, helping them to succeed against much bigger companies.  He has also taught in several institutions. He was a visiting professor at DePaul University’s School for New Learning; a guest lecturer at Seattle University and the University of Washington; as well as an adjunct faculty at Bellevue Community College. Mr. Ruiz has served on several non-profits such as the Children’s Trust Foundation, and the Children’s Response Center. For more information about Jean-Pierre, please visit his website, www.ecostarhealth.com.


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