Judith Hanna Doshi, MA, CCH (Cand)

(Asst. Editor Bharti Nathani, BHMS)

Judith is passionate about Homeopathy. As Co-Editor, she will showcase how homeopathic treatment can be truly transforming in a person’s life. In her own practice she encourages people of all ages to explore homeopathic treatment as a means to ensure a healthy future. Visit her website: www.altamontehomeopathy.com.


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More about Judith Hanna Doshi, MA, CCH (Cand)
Co-Editor on Homeopathy

Like many people drawn to alternative forms of healing, Judith Hanna Doshi became disillusioned with the conventional treatment that she had received over the years. The wisdom of Homeopathy resonated with her and she began her formal studies with The School of Homeopathy (UK) in 2001. Judith has a background in psychology which she feels enhances her case receiving and case management skills.
Judith is proud to hold the Certified Classical Homeopath (Candidate) designation, given by the Council for Homeopathic Certification in recognition of proficiency in the practice of classical Homeopathy.

Judith’s philosophical approach to Homeopathy is to start with the solid foundational principles laid down by Samuel Hahnemann—the founder of Homeopathy—in his treatise The Organon of Medicine. Then, in order to be able to access the deepest inner states of her clients, she incorporates contemporary approaches that build upon those principles. She has undertaken advanced study in the Vital Sensation approach of Rajan Sankaran.

Judith has a firm belief that one person’s homeopathic healing can have a ripple effect, exerting a positive influence on those around. She encourages people to seek homeopathic treatment long before their symptoms become a diagnosis of illness. She sees clients in person in Toronto, Canada or via video conference (Skype, Facetime, Google chat) anywhere in the world.

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Visit her website: www.altamontehomeopathy.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AltamonteHomeopathy
Skype: judith.hanna.doshi
Toronto, Ontario CANADA


About Bharti Nathani, BHMS
Assistant Editor on Homeopathy

Bharti Nathani, BHMS received her Bachelor’s in Homeopathy Medical Science and Surgery from Gujarat, India. After Graduation, she spent few months as an Assistant Professor with her college. On the journey, to learn the current Homeopathy treatments she started Practicing Homeopathy under the guidance of experienced and recognized Homeopaths. She has combined her learning and experience in clinical homeopathic science to create a powerful approach to use of homeopathic medicine for the benefit and welfare of the healthy living being (mind, body and spirit). With the passion to tell the world about Homeopath findings, she then co-authored the few books such as Role of Homeopathy in Pediatrics and Homeopathy in Respiratory and Dermatology, in Gujarati language, along with Dr B.M. Vithlani.

She believes that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. A body is controlled by our mind and any disturbance to our mind, affects physically. So when treating her patients with Homeopathy, her expertise lies in ‘constitutional’ remedies, where she diagnosis her patients starting with their state of mind, to identify and cure the weakest link first. She has also been an influence on the life of those who left conventional medicine to practice homeopathy.

Professionally, when not working on AllThingsHealing.com, she serves as a Mentor for her college Junior Homeopaths. She is a proud Alumnus of the college and works with the college university on Homeopathy research and writing white papers/articles.

Personally, and when not working, she loves to cook for her husband who is a connoisseur of food. Married to an Engineer, Bharti feels fortunate to share a common passion with her husband in the area of Research, although in a separate field.

LinkedIn : http://www.linkedin.com/pub/bharti-nathani/32/283/605
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tanwani.bharti
Toronto, ON Canada




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