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Carol Olson, MA, LPC, ATR-BC, CSAC

Carol Olson is a non-profit and small business management specialist who is the Owner/Director of the The Creative Arts Space: Art - Art Therapy - Art Activism , is an officer on the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance and was the founder of the Virginia Art Therapy Association.

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Co-Editor of Non-Profits/Orgs

Carol Olson, MA, LPC, ATR-BC, CSAC is a licensed counselor and board certified art therapist. She has practiced since 1992 evolving her practice to specialize in sexually violent crimes, interpersonal violence and stalking. She has two graduate degrees–one in Art Therapy working with children and families and one in Counseling specializing in women and addiction. She continues to pursue additional studies in non-profit management and policy.  

Carol has owned her own businesses and alternative therapy practices since she was 21 and began to incorporate work with non-profits in 1999. She is currently the Owner/Director of The Creative Arts Space: Art - Art Therapy - Arts Activism, providing a feminist art coop, art therapy services to survivors of sexually violent crimes, stalking and sex-based trafficking, family therapy and partner therapy, and arts-based activism projects. She hosts a blog on Men as Peacemakers on The Good Men Project.  She edits The Pixel Project blog.  She is an officer on the Governing Body of the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance overseeing Fund Development and Communication. She serves as a mentor for the American Art Therapy Association for emerging professionals in the art therapy field and is serving on the Jobs Committee of the National Art Therapy Credentialing Board. She is the Social Media Rep for The Virginia Art Therapy Association.

She has been a working member of other non-profit membership agencies serving practitioners in alternative healing fields: The American Art Therapy Association since 1980 (of which she currently serves as a mentor); the Potomac Art Therapy Association 1990-2009, The Southern California Art Therapy Association 1994-1989; The Substance Abuse Addiction and Recovery Alliance as Events Coordinator 2003-2007; The Substance Abuse Transformation Initiative for Addiction Recovery of the VACSB as the Advocacy Project Coordinator and Newsletter Editor 2004-2006. She founded the Central Virginia Art Therapy Association in 2004 establishing it as a non-profit under the name the Virginia Art Therapy Association with a full board in 2006, a state-wide agency providing support and training to art therapy students and practitioners.

Carol contributes to several blogs on anti-violence advocacy, art therapy and her hobby: knitting.  

Visit her blog: www.carolrecruits.wordpress.com  
Follow her on Twitter: 
@carololson or @preventviolence
For more on the Virginia Art Therapy Association: www.virginiaarttherapy.wordpress.com 
Richmond, Virginia USA

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