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(Asst. Editors: Diane Renz, MA, LPC & Tina Rayner) Jodi Chapman is the author of the inspirational blog, Soul Speak; the upcoming book, Coming Back to Life; and the bestselling Soulful Journals series. She believes that the answers to all of life’s questions have always been inside of us. Our soul always knows.

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More about Jodi Chapman
Co-Editor on PsychoSpiritual

Jodi Chapman is an inspirational writer who is passionate about helping each of us listen to and be guided by our soul. But, like many of us, her life wasn’t always so overtly spiritual. Actually, she spent most of her life in the left side of her brain – focusing on logic, proof and anything black and white. She received a BA in Technical Editing and Sociology with plans to become a statistician. She spent several years working for a publication that focused on debunking spiritual/mystic claims and several more working as a technical editor, but she just didn’t feel fulfilled.

Through a series of magical and beautiful awakenings (including a car accident that kept her from working for two years), she slowly began to open up to the miracles that had always been all around her. And in doing so, her entire life changed – it became brighter and filled with love. She now knows that we are never alone, we are always taken care of and all of the answers – every single thing we need to know about our time here on Earth – have always been inside of us.

She has made it her life mission to continue growing spiritually while sharing what she has learned through her writing. Her inspirational blog, Soul Speak, boosts the spirit and soothes the soul with heartfelt posts and soulful interviews. Her bestselling Soulful Journals series (co-written with her husband, Dan Teck) consists of writing-prompt books on topics including gratitude, introspection, life transitions, relationships and manifesting your ideal life. She is currently writing Coming Back to Life: Waking Up with the Help of an Unlikely Friend – a metaphysical memoir about her transformation from spiritual skeptic to believer. Her writing has been featured in Whole Living Magazine, Soul Magazine, First 30 Days, Stepcase Lifehack and The Gratitude Book Project. She is a part of Team Inspiration at Aspire Magazine.

She lives in southern Oregon with her amazing husband. She is grateful every day that she gets to hang out with her best friend and soul mate, who also happens to be an amazing writer and inspirer! They share their lives with their beautiful dog-ter, Xena, and three sweet cats: Biddle, Buncom and Elsie.

She is thrilled to be a part of the amazing team of healers, teachers, inspirers and seekers here on All Things Healing. She believes that we are each on our own path of awakening, and there is so much we can offer each other in terms of love and support. She would love to connect with anyone who is also on a soul-filled journey!

Visit her blog, Soul Speak:
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Medford, Oregon, USA
(541) 779-4129

Her Soulful Journals are available for purchase at:

She is available for guest posts, article writing and interviews.

About Diane Renz, MA, LPC
Assistant Editor of PsychoSpiritual

Diane Renz, MA, LPC is a Psychotherapist in private practice trained in Transpersonal psychology with extensive post graduate studies in Trauma and Somatic psychology. She specializes in anxiety utilizing the latest neuroscience studies that show our capacity for brain change through focused attention to sensations, images, thoughts and emotions. She presents a variety of somatic and mindfulness based practices to help people affect state changes. Her work is fueled both by professional training and personal exploration.

Through experimenting with her own anxiety, she developed tools for, what she calls; Returning, Remembering and Reinforming the nervous system. Diane created a program for performance anxiety arising out of her own explorations with introversion and fears of public speaking. She has written and performed six autobiographical monologues and appeared in two plays. She continues to use her own life as a study, implementing body-mind practices that lead to integrative states. She has studied with Dan Siegel, MD, in the field of neuroscience, Jon Kabat-Zinn in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and integrates the teachings of numerous other leaders in the field of Somatic research and Neural plasticity. Diane’s view of a person’s inherent health guides her work. Each symptom becomes opportunity for healing. Both her professional and personal experience has proven that you can turn ‘pain into possibility’ as it becomes your Gateway to Healing.

Diane is currently working on a book that compiles her healing journey. She offers counseling and workshops nationwide and is available for speaking engagements on Integrative Healing Paths from both the patient's and clinician's perspective. You can contact her at or visit her website at

Diane will be giving a webinar on specific experiential steps to working with emotions from her model: AIM your SITES™®: Creating Context for Approaching Your Life: How to create environments that illuminate our best – Practical use of current research bridging science and contemplative practices. Specifically this webinar will teach you how to get the most out of your spiritual practice by learning how to stay embodied with intense emotion. Please send an email with WEBINAR in subject to, if you would like to register for this event. Date TBD.

In support of learning how to utilize the power of authenticity in exploring our vulnerability, I encourage you to check out this amazing FREE series of interviews with top teachers who reveal their own challenging personal journeys – Teaching What We Need to Learn. To name a few, you will hear interviewed: Dan Siegel, MD, Tara Brach, Tami Simon, Harvelle Hendrix, two interviews per week over 20 weeks. Just click here to learn more and listen for free.

Visit her website:

Her office:
Your Gateway to Healing, Inc.
3393 Iris Ave, Suite 106
Boulder, Colorado 80301 USA
(720) 317-5170

About Tina Rayner
Assistant Editor of PsychoSpiritual

Tina Rayner, CEO of Rise To Shine Coaching (, is an illuminating speaker, writer, intuitive, “True Power” coach and Kundalini Yoga teacher who resides in the Vancouver, Canada area. Her greatest life lesson has been learning to live her truth, which really is to live in and from love, versus living in and from fear. Teaching others how to live in and from love is her living legacy and what the work of Rise To Shine Coaching is all about. Tina’s love for assisting people to Rise To Shine was first discovered while serving as a 6-figure leader and trainer for a global network of business owners in the direct sales industry. She comes from a background of over 10 years of teaching experience–both nationally and internationally–and is a certified trainer with Peak Potentials, one of North America’s foremost training companies. She has been a feature success story in the Home Business Connection magazine, spoken at events like, “Women In Power” and has also released a 4-CD set entitled, “Rise To Shine-The Secrets To Living Your Power On Purpose” which cover the ABC & D's (Awareness, Beliefs, Consciousness and Development) of living your true power on purpose. Purchase this CD set by clicking here.

Tina has also hosted business opportunity webinars, conducted teleseminar trainings on such topics as, “The Power of Inner Posture” and has been a regular article contributor to monthly newsletters and online forums. Tina is currently working on publishing the first of a series of motivational children’s books, of which the profits are intended to benefit at risk children. It's Tina's intention to assist people to live their truth by teaching them how to uncover their powerful, inner posture and come into their own full light to Rise To Shine. If you connect with Tina’s message and would like to connect with Tina directly, visit

Or, visit the “Contact Tina” page at
Visit her website:
Visit her on Facebook:
Purchase her CD set: Rise To Shine-The Secrets To Living Your Power On Purpose
(604) 888-0011
Ft. Langley, BC, Canada



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