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Thomas Muldoon

(Asst. Editor: Sophia Hansen, BA, RMT)


As a numerologist and motivational astrologer, Thomas has retired (after 35 years) from seeing clients in person on a one-to-one basis. He is now concentrating on his writing and public appearances, as well as being a Co-Editor for All Things Healing. Visit his site at www.astronumbers.com.au.


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More about Thomas Muldoon
Co-Editor of Intuition and Symbols

Since Thomas Muldoon began his practice in Australia in the early 70’s, he has helped many people achieve their goals using Numerology, Tarot & Astrology as tools for transformation, self awareness, personal development and self-discovery. Author of four books (three out-of-print), numerous magazine and newspaper articles, creator of many e-books, personal appearances for corporate and charity organisations, he presents his material in an entertaining and enlightening fashion. His motto: "If you cannot have fun with your subject, you shouldn’t be doing it.”

What he hopes to bring to All Things Healing is his passion and ‘down to earth’ approach to subjects often considered ‘too esoteric’ for the average person to comprehend or apply in their everyday lives; sourcing articles from within Australia and around the world for your awareness and enlightenment. From his original approach to Numerology to his unique understanding of Astrology, Thomas will contribute his own articles of interest every so often, all he asks is you keep a sense of humour -"without such all is lost..."

In 2012, Thomas is creating Skype-to-Skype conversations for those seeking advice and guidance to help stay focused – stay tuned for when they commence. He also hopes to create more e-books, paperbacks and PDF downloads for those interested, along with commenting on your questions in our Intuition and Symbols Forum.

Visit his blogs:
www.astronumbers.wordpress.com & www.thomasmuldoon.blogspot.com
Visit his website:
Twitter: twitter.com/thomasmuldoon
Sydney, Australia

Read his extended bio:

Purchase his Solar/Lunar Astrology book from Amazon here.

A variety of electronic books by Thomas for Kindle (etc) can also be purchased at a reasonable cost by clicking here.



About Sophia Hansen, BA, RMT
Asst. Editor of Intuition and Symbols


Sophia Hansen, BA, RMT is an intuitive energy healer based in Pasadena, California.  Sophia’s Divine mission is twofold:  (1) Bridge the gap between the spirit realm and the physical plane; and (2) Help others consciously unite with their Divine Soul Self.  Sophia believes that everyone has a divine purpose and part of their journey is to discover what that purpose is, fulfill it, and trust that they’re guided the entire way.  Sophia is an energy intuitive, Reiki Master Teacher, is board-certified in Integrative Health, and is a Diplomate of the College of Energy Medicine.  Sophia is available for intuitive energy healing consultations and spiritual education.  Learn more about Sophia at www.sacred-energy-healing.com and receive free mantras and intuitive tips.

With ancestral lineage to the Paiute, Apache, and Cherokee Native American tribes, Sophia was born with refined intuitive abilities, inheriting her gifts from both her maternal and paternal grandmothers.   Growing up, Sophia naïvely thought everyone had intuition like she did, so she didn’t think it was anything extraordinary.  Originally an early child education teacher, Sophia’s path toward intuitive energy healing was anything, but linear.  Her journey led her from early childhood education to corporate America, the legal field and finally towards intuitive energy healing.  Sophia used to say that she “straddled the planes” because she worked in the legal field in tandem with providing intuitive energy healings in her spare time.  Sophia was introduced to intuitive energy healing resulting from her own health challenge over a decade ago.  It was intuitive energy healing that helped her heal and transform from that experience and the silver lining was that a whole new world opened up for her - both figuratively and literally. 

Sophia has had the honor of studying with numerous master healers, intuitives, shamans and pioneers in the field of energy medicine.  She continues to be a seeker of knowledge and consciousness as our world continues to evolve.



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