Chandana Deekshith, BAMS, MD (AM), FCR

Dr. Chandana Deekshith is an entrepreneur, qualified registered Ayurvedic practitioner, steward of holistic medicine, wellness warrior, herbal conjurer, lifestyle Alchemist, janitor of mother Earth and freelance health writer on subjects such as Ayurveda, mind-body medicine and spirituality by profession and votary of Vedic culture by passion.

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Co-Editor on Herbalism

Chandana Deekshith, BAMS, MD (AM), FCR (India) is the Founder and Director of Ayur Healing, a holistic site for complete well-being, with an intention to provide health and wellness and to empower the populace with the knowledge of Body-Mind-Soul medicine. This project is a meager attempt at giving back to the community.

She is a native of India and at present, she resides in Toronto, Canada. She is more involved in propagating and promoting Ayurveda and holistic medicine world-wide.

Her voyage of studying, teaching and practicing holistic medicine began in 2003. Her quest for knowledge and inquisitive nature made her go deep into the subjects and to understand the usage of herbs for healing, as well as treating the body as a whole, and not merely the disease. She has been providing herbal solutions for most chronic problems of this era. She has successfully treated many patients in her own clinic in Bangalore and Pune, India with Ayurvedic medicine, Panchakarma, Yoga, meditation and lifestyle changes. She teaches her clients to heal by themselves. She is actively involved in the research of Ayurvedic herbs. She has formulated energy drink powders, herbal teas and baby foods.

She stresses the basic concept of Ayurveda, i.e., “Swasthsya swaasthya rakshanam” – To protect the health of a healthy individual; i.e., to PREVENT, “Aaturasya vikaara prashamanam” – To eliminate the diseases of a diseased person; i.e., to CURE.

She is more inclined towards spirituality as she hails from a traditional orthodox aristocratic family of Sanskrit scholars who are strong followers of Hinduism and Adwaita philosophy. She was introduced to Mantra Shastra (chanting of Vedic hymns) at the tender age of six, and she is still pursuing her Vedic education. Her ambition is to spread the ancient Vedic wisdom and the rich Indian heritage. She is striving hard to build a strong bridge between primeval past and progressive present.

She conducts Whole-Body healing workshops, Ayurvedic cooking classes and mantra chanting classes. She loves to educate people and elevate awareness regarding HOLISTIC HEALING.

Her vision and mission is to make people understand the strong bond between Body-Mind-Soul, and help them to rejuvenate body, revive mind, and reform soul through herbal medicine and elemental mantra meditation.

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Toronto, Canada


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