Shelly Birger Phillips

Shelly Birger Phillips, MA is passionate about being absolutely the best mom she can be and supporting other parents to do the same. She offers individual parent coaching over the phone to parents all over the world using a connection-based parenting approach.

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More about Shelly Birger Phillips, MA
Co-Editor of Family & Parenting

Shelly Birger Phillips, MA has been fascinated with child development ever since her youngest brother was born over twenty years ago. Watching him develop from a tiny infant into a walking, talking person in just a few short years fueled her passion to learn everything she could about how children learn and grow.

Shelly received a BS with distinction in psychology from the University of Illinois where she worked with renown research psychologists Rene Baillargeon PhD, Kevin Miller PhD and Judy Deloache PhD. After working in research labs left her feeling isolated and disconnected, Shelly decided not to pursue her PhD and got a job at a local Montessori school. 

Discovering Montessori education was a turning point. Finally she had found an educational system that honors children as the whole human beings they are! Shelly worked at several Montessori schools and racked up over 8,000 hours working with kids. 

After learning that an administrator at the school was encouraging parents to leave their three-year-olds at school from 7am-6pm due to the financial needs of the school, Shelly left and began to support fewer families in a much more intimate way. She became a nanny and worked for several families getting even more hands-on experience in a home setting.

Shelly began her blog because the parents she worked for kept asking for help and advice about how to treat their children respectfully but also maintain leadership. And after she completed an MA in humanities and leadership, writing her thesis on connection based parenting approaches, she had tons of information to share!

In 2010 Shelly’s life completely changed when she became a mother herself for the very first time. Now that she’s a mom and fully understands the challenges/rewards, she brings a whole new dimension to her parenting advice. Whether you’re frustrated, worried, confused or inspired, Shelly has been there and can help. She has the books and research knowledge you can count on, but she also understands what it’s like to be in the trenches surrounded by enormous piles of dishes and laundry. 

If you need empathetic, loving support and research-based information about how to nurture your connection with your child and family, Shelly’s coaching can help. Whether you’re trying to stop yelling or spanking or you just need help sifting through all the information out there to find out what will really work with YOUR kids, Shelly’s info, tips, resources and referrals will change your life for the better.

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Bend, Oregon USA

More about Sylvia Poareo, MSW
Co-Editor of Family & Parenting

Sylvia Poareo's journey to support families began while growing up in foster care. Although hers was a challenging path, her connection to the Divine sustained her and ultimately led her to the spiritual healing processes that transformed her life and her parenting.

Sylvia earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Azusa Pacific University and a Master’s Degree in Social Welfare at UCLA. For many years, she shared the power of healing through social work in hospital, adoption and foster care settings, as well as, using play/art therapy in elementary schools. To honor her commitment to spiritual healing, she became certified as a Spiritual Counselor through the Association for the Integration of the Whole Person, and received extensive training with mentor Margaret Paul, co-creator of InnerBonding.

For over 15 years she has integrated a blend of spiritual healing practices including meditation/prayer, natural living education, indigenous healing arts/shamanism, energy healing, EFT, hypnosis and conscious movement.  With openness and non-judgment, she assists others to heal and rediscover the beauty of their soul. To learn more, download her free Ebook, A Guide to Connecting Within at

When she became a mother it was clear that her spiritual healing practice would continue to guide her parenting and help her to heal on deeper levels. She now shares this insight through Conscious Mothering Circles and Conscious Parenting support. Utilizing her personal and professional experience, Sylvia helps parents to compassionately heal the spiritual and emotional challenges that interfere with parenting, and reconnect to their intuition and spiritual connection. She enjoys offering compassionate support through individual sessions (in person and worldwide through Skype or phone), Connected Family Gatherings, Conscious Mothering Circles, as well as, inspiring workshops, blessing ceremonies and retreats. She feels passionately that parenthood is an incomparable time of growth, learning and healing, to be engaged in consciously so we can be truly loving to ourselves, to our precious ones, and the world. (For more on her compassionate approach with parents, see:

When not sharing the work she loves, she enjoys growing and playing with her family, writing, dancing, yoga, suburban farming, traveling and being present in each glorious moment!

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(714) 334-2044
Fullerton, California USA

About Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten
Assistant Editor Team of Family & Parenting

Carol Lawrence is an energetic practitioner, blogger, artist, children's author, social media manager, author interviewer, book reviewer, virtual book tour planner and co-host of The Intentional Conscious Parenting Show. She has been happily married for twenty-five years, a mother of two Indigo sons, has several animals and loves nature, exploring the human mind, spirituality, reading, writing, mother earth, walking around in the forests of Montana and doing her part to make the world a better place.

Stacy Toten is a doctor of Metaphysics. She has been a practitioner for over twenty-five years, blogger, children's author, book reviewer, author interviewer, co-author of M.A.S.S. 101 Man Approaching Simple Soulutions, children's behavioral management coach, artist and co-host of The Intentional Conscious Parenting Show. She is happily married for 31 years, she has two Indigo daughters, 2 cats and 2 dogs. Her passions are writing, reading, mother earth, swimming in the ocean, movies and sharing her spiritual gifts with the world and working with parents and children.

Together intuitively Carol and Stacy are fulfilling a calling and a passion to write children's picture books. They provide nurturing tips and encouragement for parents walking an intentional spiritual conscious parenting path by supplying an inviting platform for their established parenting community. Visit Intentional Conscious Parenting for author interviews, book reviews, live author chats and conscious parenting articles.

Visit their website, Intentional Conscious Parenting:
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Purchase Stacy's book: M.A.S.S. 101 Man Approaching Simple Soulutions
Missoula, Montana USA


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