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Michael Santangelo, ND, PhD, LMT

Michael has studied Tarot for over 40 years and is an alternative healthcare practitioner in private practice at Eastwind Healing Center in Iowa City, Iowa. He has taught and written extensively and uses Tarot in his private practice.

More about Michael J. Santangelo, ND, PhD, LMT
Co-Editor of Tarot

Michael Santangelo has a private practice in alternative healthcare at Eastwind Healing Center in Iowa City, Iowa. Besides his expertise in Tarot, he is a licensed psychologist, board-certified traditional naturopath, licensed massage therapist, Chinese herbalist and Reiki Master in two lineages (Usui Reiki Ryoho and Reiki Jin Kei Do). He is also an avid numerologist.

Michael has been interested in all things esoteric, especially Tarot, since he was young–buying his first Tarot deck in his teens. After receiving his PhD in clinical psychology, he continued his explorations of the esoteric and metaphysical by becoming a member of AMORC for five years. His interest in the healing professions eventually led to a degree in traditional naturopathy (ND) and a license in massage therapy (LMT). Along the way, he also studied Chinese herbalism with the Institute of Chinese Herbology and became a Reiki Master in two lineages.

Michael has taught at all levels of instruction from community education to graduate school. He has published in professional journals in psychology and massage. Additionally, he and his wife operated a massage school for ten years. Michael continues to teach classes in topics such as Reiki and Tarot.

In his esoteric studies, Michael progressed by becoming a member of the Builders of the Adytum (BOTA). He has been a member of this organization for 15 years, and it has been life changing. Through BOTA’s instruction, Michael has gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for the power of Tarot to transform consciousness and to aid in spiritual development. He uses Tarot in his work of helping others, both in his private practice and in individual readings. His Tarot readings focus on spiritual development issues, allowing his clients to facilitate their own progress through the guidance of Tarot. Ever a student as well as a teacher, Michael continues his work with BOTA, and investigates esoteric and alternative healthcare topics daily.

Websites: ninemilestofreedom.com & eastwindhealing.com
His Book: Nine Miles To Freedom: The Paths of the Human Psyche
(Kindle version)
Visit his author page on Facebook: Dr. Michael J. Santangelo
YouTube channel: Drholyangel
Iowa City, Iowa USA



More about Lynda Martin, MS
Co-Editor of Tarot

Lynda Martin
, MS began her Tarot studies by painting cards designed by her teacher, Ruth Blighton, whose tarot training included BOTA. Lynda was part of a Hermetic Christian Order for 12 years. At the age of 42, she traced and painted a teaching set of Mother Ruth’s cards, meditating on each one. It took seven years. At the end of that time, she was ordained a priest, then a teacher, in the oral Christian tradition. She and her husband, who is trained in the same tradition, live in Atlanta, Georgia and have their office in a part of town know as Brookhaven in the oldest house in the metro area. Their company, Goodwin Growth Works, is named after the builders of that house – Lynda’s great-great-great grandparents. Both Lynda and Jim are spiritual directors; he is also a psychotherapist.

Lynda earns her living as a business coach, helping business owners grow their companies sanely. She considers working so directly with the world of business as a rigorous spiritual exercise. The wisdom of the Tarot infuses and informs that work. Her business background includes marketing and sales in the staffing industry, as well as project management for technology implementations.

Her masters’ degree is from Georgia State University in Human Resources Development. Undergraduate studies began at Wellesley College and were completed at the Holy Order of MANS seminary. She has practiced and studied with Hindu, Buddhist and Sufi teachers. Most recently she completed a four-year apprenticeship in The Order of the Red Hand, Star Clan, Eastern Branch of the Muskogee and is currently part of AMORC.

Her vision is to introduce Tarot to people who have seen it only as a fortune-telling tool or even as demonic and have them understand its deeply balancing gifts. This is especially important, she feels, in the deep south. Recently she lectured to a standing-room only crowd at a local university; she has also taught a series of classes at an Episcopal church and to several groups that included evangelical Christians.

Visit her blog:
Visit her coaching site:
(404) 697-5212
Atlanta, Georgia USA



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