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Robert Eugene Miller has spent the last 47+ years fascinated by the wonders of cosmology and philosophy and is currently enjoying books by Brian Greene and Michio Kaku. Robert resides with his wife Julia and three of their eight children on Lake Sydney Lanier, Georgia.

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Co-Editor of Cosmology

Robert Eugene Miller's lifelong interest into the nature of things began with the gift of a chemistry set and microscope he received for his 8th birthday. The journey continued at 13 when he read Bertrand Russell's ABC's of Relativity. Robert spent some of the next several years integrating Quantum Theory and the Uncertainty Principle into his cosmological considerations.

Delayed slightly by Vietnam Era service in the US Coast Guard and now twenty-something, Robert continued his studies into the nature of things at Northern Illinois University. While at NIU, Robert received a BA in philosophy and began graduate studies in Interpretive Phenomenology and Action Theory.

Afforded the chance opportunity to meet socially members of the Fermi Laboratories staff, Robert made use of the situation by working through the concepts of String and Multiverse Theory. Raised a Roman Catholic, Robert always found it mildly entertaining to attempt juxtaposing the notions of modern science with the precepts of orthodox, conservative religion.

Always looking for practical applications for his more esoteric interests, Robert is a certified Catalyst Facilitator, a licensed Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner (in the early 1990’s Robert had the opportunity to spend some time with Tony Robbins and learn some nifty NLP techniques) and a Castle Rock High Ropes course facilitator. His favorite sport is tennis, and he is just itching for a chance to hit casually with Roger Federer. When he can, Robert also enjoys scuba diving.

Robert resides currently with his wife Julia and three of their eight children on Lake Sydney Lanier, Georgia. He continues to be an avid student of cosmology and philosophy and is particularly fond of the writings of Stephen Hawking, Michio Kaku, Richard Feynman, Terry Goodkind and Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. 

These days, you will find Robert contemplating the mysteries of modern comedy.

For more inspiration and fun, you can check out Robert’s blog: and follow his Tweets at @robert_e_miller.

Visit his blog:
Twitter: @robert_e_miller


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