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Bernice Chu, BMT, MTA, MMT

(Assistant Editor's: Ian Wilkerson, MT-BC, NMT and Mayu Kawata, MT-BC, HHP)

Bernice H. L. Chu is an accredited music therapist in Canada and a HPC-registered music therapist in the United Kingdom. Bernice currently works in a neuro-disability setting in London, United Kingdom. She recently completed a Masters in Music Therapy degree at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, England.   

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More about Bernice Chu, BMT, MTA, MMT
Co-Editor of Music Therapy & Sound Healing

Bernice H. L. Chu is an accredited music therapist in Canada and a HPC-registered music therapist in the United Kingdom. Bernice has been studying music therapy extensively since 2004. Bernice is an accomplished pianist and plays the guitar and sings for leisure.

Her academic journey began in Canada having completed a BA Honours in Music Therapy at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. In 2008, she completed an 1000-hour music therapy internship at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada. This inspired her to pursue more extensive studies in music therapy abroad.  

Bernice currently works in a neuro-disability setting in London, United Kingdom. In 2011, Bernice completed the two-year MA Music Therapy program with distinction in Cambridge, England. Her clinical experience ranges widely having worked in schools, hospitals, hospices and community day centers for individuals with special needs. Bernice has extensive experience in Pediatrics and Palliative Care settings. She wrote a dissertation titled 'The Role of Play in Music Therapy at the End-of-Life' in partial fulfillment of her graduate studies.

Cambridge, England

About Ian Wilkerson, MT-BC, NMT and Mayu Kawata, MT-BC, HHP
ATH Assistant Editors of Music Therapy & Sound Healing

Ian Wilkerson, MT-BC, NMT and Mayu Kawata, MT-BC, HHP are Board-Certified Music Therapists working together at Bay Area Music Therapy in the San Francisco Bay Area.  They received their degrees with honors from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, then did their clinical internships at the Community Music Center of Boston, serving clients at nursing homes, day rehabilitation programs, at-risk youth shelters, homeless shelters and psychiatric hospitals.  They are both members of the American Music Therapy Association.  Ian and Mayu's therapeutic approach is person-centered, using improvisational as well as planned music therapy protocols to support creativity, self-expression and self-empowerment.

More about Ian:
Ian Franklin Wilkerson is the founder of Bay Area Music Therapy.  Being the son of a Reichian therapist and coming from a family of healers, Ian works from a holistic perspective and integrates breath work into his music therapy sessions when appropriate.  He specializes in helping people find their own unique and empowered voices through improvisation and songwriting.  His principle instruments are guitar and voice; however, he also integrates bass guitar, piano, drums and other instruments into much of his work.  Additionally, he received his certification in Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) from The Center for Biomedical Research in Music at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO.  Ian has a broad spectrum of experiences within his professional life, including work in the psychiatric, pediatric, special needs, skilled nursing and hospice fields.  Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Ian grew up in Santa Rosa.  He is a singer/songwriter and guitar player, recording and performing original compositions.  His music can heard at http://www.ianfranklinmusic.com.

More about Mayu:
Mayu Kawata is a multi-modal artist, teacher, entrepreneur and therapist, originally from Tokyo, Japan.  In addition to music therapy, she is certified as a Holistic Health Practitioner, BodyTalk Practitioner, Postpartum Doula and Reiki Healer.  Mayu is happy to join as Ian's partner at Bay Area Music Therapy, and also as a background vocalist in Ian Franklin & Infinite Frequency.  Mayu uses her voice, piano, guitar, and various percussion instruments, including the Indian tablas, in her music therapy sessions as well as performance.  She has performed extensively as a traditional Japanese dancer and holds a teaching certificate in Japanese flower arrangement.  As a singer and songwriter, Mayu has been featured on over 20 releases in Japan, Europe, and the US.  She has also built and run an independent record label and a company for bilingual education in Tokyo.  She is currently the owner of Mama Goddess Birth Shop, an online store supporting women and families to have healthy, natural births. http://www.mamagoddess.com

Visit their Bay Area Music Therapy website: http://www.bayareamusictherapy.org
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bayareamusictherapy
Ian's artist site: http://www.ianfranklinmusic.com
Mayu's artist site: http://www.mayukawata.com
Oakland, CA and San Francisco, CA



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