Blaze, aka Barbara Lazarony

(Assistant Editor Eileen Gonzalez)

Blaze will strike the match to start your inner fire and help you light up the world—your way. As a Certified Transformational Life & Business Coach and Intuitive Hypnotherapist, she helps fire-starters, visionaries, and luminaries create business and lives that align with their brilliant vision of the future. Visit her website to learn more:

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More about Blaze, aka Barbara Lazarony
Co-Editor of PsychoSpiritual

Blaze is a Fire-Starter, Illuminator, and Torchbearer. As a Certified Transformational Life and Business Coach, she is committed to helping women Blaze their Brilliant Path and manifest a vision of a life and business that align with them.

Blaze excelled for twenty years in the fast-paced world of a Fortune 100 company; where she created a ‘wildly successful’ career. In 2003 she found herself face-to-face with thyroid cancer. Using her illness as a catalyst, she “blazed” her own brilliant path to recovery and wholeness.

Blaze transferred her diverse skills from the corporate environment to serve as an Executive Director for a nonprofit dedicated to using writing to heal. So began the journey of merging her professional skills with her more creative gifts. She is the author of two books of poetry and earned a certificate in journal facilitation to inspire others to use words for creative self-expression, healing, and transformation.

Following her growing desire to mentor and empower others, Blaze earned life coaching certificates from Martha Beck and from the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology. She is also a Certified Hypnotherapist, offering intuitive hypnotherapy as a part of her practice to help others be their best selves. As a guest lecturer for the Ernst & Young Leadership Seminar at California State University, Northridge, she uses her creative, and sassy leadership style to assist others to discover their essence, outline their values, and create a vision for their future as leaders in the world.

Blaze is passionate about coaching women to become the person they’ve always wanted to be and inspiring them to step into their own personal business fire. She believes that each person has the opportunity to change the world as they reconnect to their own brilliant passion, purpose, and power.

Contact Blaze and to bring your business vision into reality today.

Visit her website:
Visit her on Facebook: Blaze A Brilliant Path
Pacific Grove, California USA

About Doris Helge, Phd, MCC

Co-Editor of PsychoSpiritual


Why is Dr. Doris so passionate about helping YOU turn every painful experience into personal empowerment? A reporter once asked Doris, “Why were you named “One of America’s Top Ten Coaches?” 

She laughed, “Because I struggled for decades before discovering that shimmering gold nuggets are always hidden in the darkest places. Eventually, I stopped feeling like a victim and mustered the courage to accept responsibility for my happiness and circumstances, one baby step at a time. Voila! Like magic, my life turned into an amazing journey filled with the loving, supportive people and career joy I’d always craved.”

“Because I’m an Intuitive Coach, I easily perceive two things that immediately change my clients’ lives. First, we uncover the hidden inner conflicts that are holding them hostage. Next, I help them see the parts of themselves that are longing to emerge. With loving support in a safe, nonjudgmental environment, I use a proven program that helps my clients discover Their Authentic Selves.”

You may have seen Dr. Doris interviewed on "The Today Show," CNN and NPR. Doris Helge, Ph.D. is the #1 Bestselling Author of books like “Conquer Your Inner Critic,” "Transforming Pain Into Power" and “Joy on the Job,” now published in many foreign languages.

Named “One of the Top Ten Coaches in America” at an event in New York City, Dr. Doris has helped thousands of people like you through her books, coaching and teleclasses. She has a unique intuitive ability to help you quickly discover the keys to bold new levels of happiness and success. Discover more at



Conquer Your Inner Critic” . . . purchase info on
Transforming Pain Into Power” . . . info at
Joy on the Job” . . . info at


Website with Free Resources:





About Eileen Gonzalez
Assistant Editor of PsychoSpiritual

October 2011, I had been on my journey to self-improvement for 3½ years and here I was finally hitting rock bottom.   At the time I could only feel emotions of fear, sadness and uncertainty, yet it was within my darkest moments that I found hope, faith, and strength to move on. I was finally sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and that was a very powerful moment in my life.  For me it was like turning on the lights in the room, I knew beyond doubt that it was up to me to change the course of my life and I knew I could do it.  I did not know how, but I knew it all began by moving forward. Hitting Rock bottom was a blessing in disguise, hitting rock bottom was the greatest gift of all.


As a Life Coach I assist individuals get started on their personal journey, get clear and identify the passion within their hearts enabling them to pursue those dreams. I help others open up and free themselves from shame or resentments, As a District Leader, I work with families become properly protected, debt free and financially independent, I also train and develop teams in the field, I am currently enrolled in Ashford University working on my BA in Social Science. Although I wear many hats, I love what I do and the connections I make with individuals each day. I love the path my life has taken, I am truly blessed! For more information, please visit


Similar to Diane, Eileen will be giving an online workshop on getting started on your journey of self-improvement. She will be teaching the 4 steps essential for anyone trying to create positive change in their lives by achieving clarity, defining their goals and outlining a path to reach those goals.  If you are struggling with how to get started send an email with Online Workshop in subject to, if you would like to register for this event. Date TBD.


Medford, NY 11763
toll free: 888-527-9103



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