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(Assistant Editor: Peter Clark)


Carl Helmle is a shamanic healer who operates Eagle Medicine, www.eaglemedicine.com, in Lake Arrowhead, CA. He has personally studied with master healers: Stanislav Grof, Michael Harner, Hank Wesselman, Linda Fitch, Alberto Villoldo, Richard Bartlett, Gretchen Crilly McKay and Martin Ball. 


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More about Carl Helmle
Co-Editor of Shamanism


Prior to walking the “shamanic” path, Carl Helmle was a successful commercial real estate agent and investor living and working in Orange County, California. After having an amazing and life altering "Out of Body Experience" in early 2002, his passions and priorities changed profoundly. That one glorious experience, as he states, "freed me from the shackles of atheism and planted me squarely in the sacred mystery." He sold most of his real estate portfolio, quit his job and moved up to the tranquil and majestic mountains of Lake Arrowhead, California. There he began focusing all of his time and energy on increasing his understanding of the spiritual/non physical realm and in developing his relationship to spirit.


Eventually, he completed and was certified in the Four Winds Society’s two year “Healing the Light Body Program.” In his practice, he primarily uses the ancient art of energy medicine. This is the same energy that Acupuncturists and Reiki Masters work with. This particular sacred “technology” comes from Peru. It is a melding of the traditions of the high Andean Q’ero and the rain forest shamans of the Amazon. The procedures that come from these traditions and that he employs include; illuminations, extractions, soul retrieval and dream manifesting. Additional passions of Carl's are working with sacred plant teachers and doing divination work with the ancient chinese oracle, the I Ching.


In addition to his shamanic practice, he is a certified wildlife care provider and long time volunteer at Wild Haven Ranch and works with raccoons, coyotes and birds of prey. He also teaches students art as part of the Meet the Masters program at Lake Arrowhead Elementary; and he is affiliated with Awakening in the Dream House, a healing center outside of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, that specializes in curing addiction with the very powerful African sacrament Iboga.



(909) 645-7751

Visit his website: www.eaglemedicine.com
Lake Arrowhead, California USA



About Peter Clark
Assistant Editor of Shamanism

Peter Clark
 teaches a variety of workshops with his business partner Sarah Finlay, which you can explore at 
www.shamansflame.comThese include Star Seed Evolution, Gateways of the Dragon, The Healer Within and Star Fire Merging: Introduction to Channeling, among others. Peter is a graduate of the Foundation's Three Year program in Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing, has worked with several acclaimed shamanic teachers and has completed advanced studies in shamanic healing. He was a guest faculty of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies for two years.

Peter also has a private practice in north central Vermont. Due to the nature of shamanic reality, working outside of time and space, he has had great success with distance healing. He effectively works with people around the U.S. and parts of Canada, helping them find their wholeness, as well as clearing that which does not belong. 


Visit his website: www.shamansflame.com Visit his Facebook page Shaman's Flame
Woodbury, Vermont USA





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