Marie Sakai

Marié Sakai is a visionary artist, art educator and illustrator. She has exhibited her work throughout the US and Italy. For the past five years she has worked in the art world teaching at-risk teens painting, drawing and sculpture. She has judged/curated and been published in Touch Magazine. Visit her website and portfolio:

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Marié Sakai
 (art featured here is "Surrogate Self" oil on canvas by Marié) is a visionary artist and fine arts instructor who is committed to a life of teaching those who are interested in their inner world. Teaching privately in studio and at cultural academies, art associations, art organizations and community centers that reach out to children and youth alike, she has cultivated specific art classes designed to instill a deeper love and appreciation for art. 

She received her Post-Baccalaureate Graduate degree in drawing, painting and installation from The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia; and she received her Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Studio Art - emphasis in painting - from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. She has taught fine art to students from all cultural backgrounds, spiritual understandings and all different age levels. Working in the art world as a fine arts instructor and an artist, she is well versed in all the visual art disciplines, and her work has been exhibited in the US and in Italy. She has created works of art dedicated to specific cultural healing symbols while using the figure as a way to communicate our humanness, our perfection and our manifestations as creators for a better world. Featured and published as an illustrator and artist in Touch Magazine, Marié deeply understands the soul in art as well as the interplay between the environment and the artwork itself. She completed a student inspired mural and dedicated it to the students and their spiritual leaders.

Aware of art as a healing form of communication, Marié has worked with at-risk children and teens to develop a deeper psychological intuition where art becomes a positive outlet to share ideas. Teaching the fundamentals of art through the Philadelphia Mural Artworks and the Boys & Girls Club, she fostered a supportive environment that was not only educationally gratifying for these students, but gave them the ability to express their visions. 

Marié has judged and curated exhibitions and has been awarded for her realistic drawings and paintings of the human figure. Marié Sakai currently exhibits at: The Serendib Gallery, in downtown Silverton - the Enid Joy Gallery in Keizer, Oregon - and at continuing invitational exhibitions. 

Currently, Marié Sakai teaches art to adults, children, and teens in painting, drawing and sculpture, bridging the gap between aesthetics and the artistic vision.

Visit her website and portfolio:
Salem, Oregon USA


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