Just Be, LLC is owned by Eden Kozlowski out of Akron, OH. She has been a Tao meditation practitioner for 11 years; teaching for five. She trained under Dr. Neala Peake in Atlanta, GA. She conducts weekly classes, retreats, private sessions and teaches intro classes to corporations, schools, health care facilities, libraries, etc. She has her 3rd level Reiki certificate, has served on the board of a holistic center and is a participant on the meditation page of All Thing Healing.

Eden states, “I want to spread the word of how a quieted mind leads to healing and, above all else, to help people learn to love and accept themselves...to have the guts to explore who they really are and then live it. I am a meditation warrior here to show the truth of spirituality, the truth of what it is to be human and to live for every moment passionately...expansively...bigger -- bigger than anything previously imagined.”

Meditation can be practiced by anyone with any background...and you don’t have to go to the other side of the world to find your inner guru. It can happen right in Ohio, Georgia, Kansas...where ever. Just Be Meditation conducts 2 levels of classes - (1) classes that focus on relaxation/mindfullness therefore improving the physical body and mind (2) deep group sessions that not only advance physical and mental aspects but also the spiritual.

Level 1 sessions are conducted at businesses, health care facilities, libraries, exercise studios, etc. Call for more information to schedule a class whether a single introductory lesson or a series of classes. The deeper group sessions are held weekly. Classes are an hour and 1/2 each. There are also private sessions. Schedules and rates are listed on the Just Be website: justbemeditation.com.


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