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Elizabeth Wolfson

Elizabeth Wolfson, PhD, LCSW, has been a licensed practicing psychotherapist for over 25 years, has taught in graduate programs for therapists, served as director of counseling agencies and is the author of several published articles on psychotherapy. She currently maintains a private practice in Santa Barbara, California where she works with individuals, couples and families and is the Chair of the Psychology Department at Antioch University in Santa Barbara, CA.

More about Elizabeth Wolfson, PhD, LCSW

Elizabeth Wolfson, PhD, LCSW, has been a licensed practicing psychotherapist for over 25 years in addition to teaching and advising graduate students in Psychology and Social Work at Columbia University (New York) and is the Chair of the Psychology Department at Antioch University (Santa Barbara, California). In her previous positions managing and directing counseling agencies, she has developed award winning programs that have received national attention for their innovative design and pioneering impact on the community.

In her capacity as Vice President of Professional Development on the board of the National Association of Social Workers, Santa Barbara, Dr. Wolfson convenes seminars and workshops for therapists to enhance their practices and learn from one another. She is the author of several professional articles on psychotherapy including, an exploration of how the nuance of language serves as a mystical bridge between therapist and patient to facilitate healing and transformation.

Alternative Counseling
Was the name I chose for my private practice of psychotherapy for two primary reasons. First, because I wanted to explore approaches that could be alternatives to those that are traditionally relied upon in the field of psychotherapy. The exquisite uniqueness of every human being in his/her situation calls for interventions that will resonate for that particular person at a specific moment in time. My approach is “client centered,” so that I draw from the vast wealth of knowledge available in the field of psychotherapy, to creatively and flexibly apply what might be most useful in meeting the unique needs of that person. We are each one of a kind and what works for one person; works for one person!  

Second, the role of the therapist is to help uncover “alternatives” to what has already been tried and is likely not working. Anyone who has made that first call to a therapist knows that it can be one of the most difficult steps to take, partly because most of us believe we should be able to solve problems on our own. We need to know that, not only is it ok to ask for help but, it can be extraordinarily helpful to invite a  “third eye” to shed light on alternatives to what has been tried. With the help of the therapist as a neutral observer, in the context of a safe and supportive environment, the stage is set for overcoming life’s challenges and finding balance.

For consultation: (805) 564-6642 
Santa Barbara, California USA


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