Susan Lutz

Susan is a fim maker and writer living in Costa Rica. Her documentary film, The Coffee Dance, explores the environmental and emotional aspect the crop of coffee has woven into the lives of the poor. As a group of women fight for their own empowerment, they commit to educating women around the country of Costa Rica about the accelerated risks of breast cancer linked to picking coffee due to the high use of pesticides. Also, Susan's new travel book to Costa Rica is available for preview at www.travelwisecostarica.comFinally, see her new documentary film project called Thy Daily Film: A film a Day to Nourish the Soul.

More About Susan Lutz
ATH Editor of Organic Living

As a child, I didn’t realize I was an organic gardener as I walked the long rows of beans, peas and corn, pulling weeds in the hot sun. My father, a transplanted farmer that moved to the city, always found a place to plant crops. As the assigned “weeder” and “picker,” I began a ground roots relationship with the earth that has turned into a lifelong journey of healing and transformation.

Returning to my roots and establishing an organic lifestyle has been a challenge, if not at times an all out “confusing-depressing-ridiculous-hilarious-joyous” failure and success. When doctor’s prescribed test after expensive test to investigate health problems that kept me literally at times curled up into a ball on the floor, I finally looked for another way. I browsed alternative sections in book stores; bothered clerks at health food stores with too many questions; cleansed; flushed; and from that point on, never stopped looking for alternatives.

Along the way, I moved to Costa Rica and had a few kids. Organic living took on a whole new meaning. My first daughter encountered health problems, which through an alternative choice of acupuncture and diet, she overcame. When my son was born with Down Syndrome in 2005, an organic, alternative lifestyle added tremendous healing benefits to his health challenges.

When I looked up the word “organic,” I realized it was a complicated subject. The definition crosses into chemistry, philosophy, law, fine arts and of course living organisms, which is us and everything around us right down to the kitchen table. It is not a simple subject, and can be confusing, overwhelming, intimidating to approach and ever-changing. The intention of my work here is to help unravel some of the mysteries of organic living and make it an accessible choice, that overtime, can become a lifestyle. I’ll provide loads of information that can help you become informed. Yet, I’d also like to show you a bit of the struggles we all go through while trying to eat and live a more healthy way of life. I’m the first to admit a few of my organic dinners have ended up splattered on the wall by my children; spit back on my clothes; and more than once, left uneaten. I’ll also admit to a lot of frustration at the cost. With this site, I’d like to provide some super, simple ways to go organic that are unbelievably easy, cheap and so much better for us and the planet.


Perhaps the definition of organic living should include “whole living.” I believe an organic lifestyle must be an integration of mind, body and spirit. To become a drill sergeant in the kitchen and insist our kids eat seaweed and wheat grass could be more detrimental to their health than learning to strike a healthy balance based in empathy and love. We live in a processed, stressed immediate-satisfaction world. An organic, whole lifestyle is a journey with long term benefits, and it takes patience and the unity of those around us to make it work. And over the years of trials and tribulations, I can safely say no one has the answer to IT all. There is a different “whole-life” formula for each of us and our families.


My roots are in storytelling. I find "whole living" often a theme that appears in work I am called to pursue. My first documentary film, The Coffee Dance, became a story encompassing human rights and how the use of pesticides make us all toxic, from crop to cup. 

The process of changing to a more alternative life style is a story, your story. Consider the day a success if one less cupcake was eaten and an apple instead. Jump for joy when the kids ask for water instead of a sugary pop. That’s where it starts, each new seed will plant the growth for another. And one day, you’ll marvel at the results.

Her first book about Costa Rica is called, The Paradox of Paradise: A Woman’s Journey to a Place called Heaven on Earth. The book previewed at

The Coffee Dance is available for purchase at A trailer maybe be seen at

Susan's new travel book to Costa Rica is available for preview at 

See her new documentary film project called Thy Daily Film: A film a Day to Nourish the Soul (

Visit her website:
San Jose, Costa Rica  South America








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