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Michelle Gregg

Michelle Gregg, Counseling Astrologer, and Southern daughter of a Methodist Minister, has been exploring the Sacred since she was a child. She embraces the totality of life’s journey, and always from a spiritual perspective.

More about Michelle Gregg

Michelle Gregg, mother, Astrology Forum Moderator, ATH Sacred Living Editor, Counseling Astrologer, and Southern daughter of a United Methodist Minister and an Alabama Belle, has been exploring the Sacred since she was a child. She embraces the totality of life’s journey, and always from a spiritual perspective. Her exploration of Sacred Life was innocent and inherent, experiencing the presence of the Divine in the sunshine warming her face, on the breath of a puppy newly born, and in the wind singing in her ears as she furiously peddled her bicycle through the freshly mown grass of the cemetery of her father’s church. The sacred spoke to her not only from her father’s pulpit of unconditional love, but from the very energy of the natural world: animals, plants, the sky, the sea, rocks, storms, & trees. As she grew older the exploration became more deliberate. As an adult she has explored many religions, always remaining open to their similarities rather than their differences. She has studied Jungian psychology, mythology, and astrology extensively in her search for life’s answers. She is an advocate of nature religions, and an ecological and animal activist. Now, as a practicing Counseling Astrologer, Michelle knows that once we understand that Divinity dwells within, we meet that Divinity outside ourselves at every moment. Form follows thought…or as she prefers to put it, “Life follows heart”. For her, living a sacred life is about feeling the cord of connection between us all on every level: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE and WELCOME COMMENTS on what you read here on the Sacred Living page, or in any of my offerings on-line. To get your comments, questions, or aggravations to me, email MichelleG@AllThingsHealing.com. I'll get back to you with a response as soon as possible!

For consultations call 404.343.4833 or email Astrology@MichelleGregg.com

My Offerings as a Counseling Astrologer

I began Astrology with Michelle Gregg in 2005, though I had been counseling people with astrology, using my strong intuitive sense, for many years prior to that. When counseling I strive to open you to a journey of yourself as the hero of your own life. I'll tell you stories from mythology that encourage you to explore your own story from new angles. I'll remind you of your life path, and offer new perspectives to your old and current issues, so that you can transform them rather than simply bury them. And I’ll hold your truth with empathy, understanding and acceptance, affording you the ability to do the same for yourself. I offer you a sacred moment…showing you the spiritual aspect of your inner self, just in case you’ve forgotten that you are a spiritual creation inhabiting a physical body, with many Soulful lessons to learn.

Visit my WebSite/Blog, Astrology with Michelle Gregg and the Spinning Energy News

Read articles, find out how to have a consultation, and explore the latest in astrology, the current cosmic weather, the cycles of the Moon, politics, relationships, parenting, and current events.
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Read my article, The Astrology of Love.
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You can fall in love with your philosophy professor in your freshman year, your next door neighbor’s puppy, a beautiful painting, and your life’s calling while walking along the Seine on a windy Parisian day. You can love your spouse, your child, your best friend’s spouse (!), chocolate, The Simpson’s, religions of the world, your favorite jeans and Al Gore, all at the same time. The English love is broad and general, especially out of context of an expressive warm body within our range of sensory apprehension. In the world of astrology, it is the combination of planetary symbolism shown in the birthchart that describes how any certain someone loves different people and different things in different ways. Our topic here is in the modern vernacular of the realm of St. Valentine - love and lovers, as seen through the birthchart.



Read my article, Astrology and Health: A Holistic Perspective.
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With health being of such prominence, how do we define it? Is it simply an absence of irritating or painful physical symptoms? My own definition of health covers well-being on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Interestingly, my philosophy on health has been strongly fed by my profession as an astrologer. This may take many of you by surprise; and yet, if we look more deeply we find that astrology is not only relevant, but has a capacity not possible in any other field. It has the capacity to map the energy that is present in any given moment in time. How extraordinary! Let’s explore the implications that this revelation opens.



More About Me, My Work, and My Family

I'm a freelance writer, a member of the Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society, the Jung Society of Atlanta, a member of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta, an activist for the environment as an active participant of several environmental organizations worldwide, an activist for animal rights and the humane treatment of animals, and a member of Amnesty International. I was the assistant and apprentice to Dr. Susan Kramer, Ph.D., Herbalist and Homeopath for four years, and after realizing the vast similarities between Astrology and Homeopathy, I'm working toward incorporating Homeopathy into my astrological practice. This will take some real doing...so please be patient!

You can find me speaking and teaching at several venues in the Atlanta area. Stay tuned here or visit my blog (The Spinning Energy News) or email Astrology@MichelleGregg.com for more information.

My life is made happy and complete by my family. I'm the delighted mother of a 13-year-old son, Ian, who brings me my most sacred moments; the daughter of Vivian Gregg who now resides with Ian and me after years of coercion; and I'm the constant companion to Baby and Kali (2 female felines who found me over 12 years ago) and to D’Mitri, the rescue dog who is the Golden Child of the family.


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