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Send me YOUR Love Stories and be part of the Legend!
by Norma-Jean Strickland,
ATH Asst. Editor Therapeutic Storytelling


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Editor's Note from
Norma-Jean Strickland: Dear ATH readers, I want your stories about how love has provided healing in your life! Read more to get my submission guidelines.

The Legend of St. Valentine

Chocolate, flowers, jewelry, cards, candies – how did these practices begin?
I invite you to visit this link to the History Channel for some brief facts about the man for whom this holiday was named: www.history.com/topics/valentines-day.
I would love to have ATH visitors write me with your own stories about how love has provided healing in your life. I’ll collect everything you send, review each one and then post selected stories here at ATH in the near future.
Please do not include full names or other personal identification, especially if you are sending a story with highly sensitive content. Be respectful.
That being said, don’t be afraid to have fun! Stories can include children, animals, events or anything meaningful. Love comes in many forms and can be expressed in countless ways.
THE DEADLINE TO SEND IS WED., 2/29/12 (Leap Year Day).

FORMATS INCLUDE: Word documents or “*.pdf” files.

As a play on the above link, I plan to call these items “His-Story” and “Her-Story.”
Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! Be sure to celebrate the day, even if you are currently alone. It’s important to love yourself, too!
To send your short healing love stories, email me at:
Thank you!
Norma-Jean Strickland
Assistant Editor
Therapeutic Storytelling



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About the Author

Norma-Jean Strickland, ATH Asst. Editor of Therapeutic Storytelling, has studied writing and storytelling with several noted authors and is a published ghostwriter for an Emmy Award-winning PBS television celebrity. Her earliest professional experiences were in classical music including solo performances with orchestras, as well as teaching and serving as Music Director throughout Southern California where she lived for over 30 years. Norma-Jean was also in radio as an on-air host and producer, which was how her professional writing and storytelling career began. Norma-Jean has been on the spiritual path for as long as she can remember and has studied most of the world’s religions for many years. She has attended countless workshops and seminars in a quest to more completely understand the complexities and fragility of human nature, as well as to uncover her own true Self. Norma-Jean is inherently joyful and her enthusiasm is contagious. Her writing focuses on the child inside each of us that calls forth innocent wonder at the inexhaustible richness of life. Her mission is to delight and bring joy, love and healing to the human heart through music, story and play.

Her first book was published in late October of 2011. Please visit her website: www.bite-sizedprayers.com.

Please follow, write or connect with Norma-Jean at the following websites:
Visit her on Twitter: njstrickland
Visit her on LinkedIn:



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