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Illness and pain are the result of blockages and imbalances that can be corrected through the insertion of needles into points on the body. When inserted, the needles access the body's vital energy, called Qi.

Both science and art, Aromatherapy is the craft of using essential oils for psychological and physical well-being. Properly used, aromatherapy provides a powerful method of healing.

Astrology is a symbolic language spoken by the signs, planets and houses of the birth chart, reminding you of who you are, what you are doing here on Planet Earth, and the best possible way to navigate your time here.

Ayurveda is the world’s oldest health care system. From India, it is a holistic medical and lifestyle tradition that prevents illness, cures disease and brings total health via purely natural means while honoring the whole person: body, mind, senses and soul.

Chiropractic focuses on spinal health & the theory that both health and disease are life processes related to the function of the nervous system.

Energy Medicine is based on the fact that all living things emit an energy field. This field of bio-energy, sometimes known as the "aura", was called "chi" by the Chinese, or "prana" in the Indian tradition. Modalities include approaches such as: Reiki, crystal healing, meditation, healing touch, sound therapy, Pranic healing, aromatherapy, and a host of other healing art forms.

Herbalism involves the use of plants to stimulate and restore the body's natural healing ability for prevention of dis-ease, as well as repairing damage to the tissues. Herbs help 3 important functions: digestion and assimilation, sleep, and elimination.

Homeopathy is a Medical system respecting the laws of nature & the wisdom of the body. Key premicse: everyone has vital force energy that if disrupted or out of balance creates health problems.

Hypnotherapy or hypnosis is a therapeutic practice which guides subjects into a deep state of relaxation, creating a state of heightened suggestibility in which positive images and suggestions can be introduced and accepted.

Inspiration & Wisdom was created to provide uplifting affirmations packed with morsels of knowledge and wisdom that can help dissolve negative beliefs and attitudes.

Integrative Medicine is a combination of conventional and alternative medicine taking into account the whole person: body, mind, spirit and lifestyle.

Your name and birth date are patterns, alive with information, revealing your chosen gifts and challenges for this lifetime. Numerology and number symbolism reflect and illuminate the aspects of our lives that define our human experience.

Massage & Bodywork are the intentional manipulation of the body's soft tissues for therapeutic effect - yet encompass much more. Touch heals on physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels.

is the practice of using a single point of focus to quiet random mind chatter and fully experience awareness of ourselves in the present moment reducing our physical, mental and emotional stress and expanding our conscious awareness.

Naturopathy is a system of medicine blending natural and non-toxic therapies with current advances in modern medicine, covering all aspects of family health from prenatal to geriatric care.

PsychoSpiritual is the integration of psychological growth and spiritual attunement. Viewing the complications of life not as problems, but as gateways to greater understanding. Learning that crisis can become an opportunity for growth.

Psychotherapy is about learning to increase self awareness in the service of becoming more content and better with yourself and others. This leads to better relationships, professional and financial successes, balance, and grace.

Sacred Living is the exploration of moving from life lived via the intellect (our rational Western minds), to embracing life lived from the Soul (that juicy, amazing place of creation and un-knowing).

In Shamanism, a shaman - guide/teacher/healer in various cultures - mediates relationships between daily life & spiritual realities acting as a "hollow bone" through which the healing power of his/her spiritual helpers can affect positive change in another's life.

Stories use metaphor and imagery to change the way we see our lives and the world, offering healing and growth to everyone, teller and listener alike. They connect us to each other and help us find meaning and hope.

If all you owned was a deck of Tarot cards, with proper attention & meditation you could unlock the secrets of the universe. It is a pictorial text-book of ancient symbolism, useful for self-development as well as for divination.

Yoga is a path to realizing your self, to unveiling the truth that already exists within you. It imparts balance and happiness by integrating all aspects of body, mind, and soul.

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