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Working With Wisdom: 10 Principles to Practice
by Tricia Molloy


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Whatever your business may be, we all have something in common. We could benefit from the wise counsel of a trusted business partner.

The good news is that this partner is already here but has been sadly underused and neglected. Your business partner is a powerful force with all the wisdom of the universe and always has your best interests at heart. It's your Higher Power or Higher Consciousness--the Divine Wisdom within you that you can access at any time for a wealth of information, ideas, support and guidance.

You don't have to know all the answers; you just need to know where to look. And often the place to look is inside to make decisions, solve problems and come up with creative ideas. By following these 10 universal principles, you can create, manage and grow a business that is meaningful, prosperous and full of joy.

1) Tap into Divine Wisdom: Your Inner Guidance is Calling. Are you looking for an innovative way to pursue new business or increase your productivity? Try these five strategies: meditation, intuition, dreams, prayer and "God Winks," which is paying attention to coincidences or synchronicities.

2) Define Your Life Purpose:
Setting Intentions. When your life purpose is in alignment with your life's work, all the pieces seem to fall into place and your work becomes play. Look at what motivates you, your deepest values and your natural gifts to help you define your life purpose and set intentions to support it. My Life Purpose Statement is: Through support and by example, I inspire others to follow their dreams and live joyfully on purpose. That statement inspired me to write my book.

3) Embrace Prosperity:
You Deserve Unlimited Abundance. Once you realize that abundance is your birthright and you need to circulate money for it to grow, you will begin to experience the effortless flow of prosperity in all aspects of your business.

4) Clean Out the Clutter:
The Universe Will Fill the Vacuum. A cluttered workplace distracts us and drains our energy. Throw out the garbage and set up systems that will keep you organized. Put all your old client files in two piles: the clients you would like to work with again and those you don't. Throw out the latter and clean up and organize the former. By clearing that space, you have created a vacuum that the universe will fill with clients that serve your highest good.

5) Stay Present: That's Where the Gifts Are. Resist the temptation to multitask all the time and instead focus your full attention and all your senses on the task at that moment. Use the "at this moment" approach while consulting with a client, analyzing an operational challenge or interviewing a new vendor. You can solve problems faster, show a deeper level of respect for those around you--thereby earning more respect--and reduce the stress you feel from juggling too many things.

6) Live Your Truth: Time for an Integrity Checkup. When our thoughts and actions conflict with the truth, we waste precious energy and tarnish our reputation. By increasing your level of integrity in thought, word and deed, you will transform all your relationships, including the one with yourself.

7) Engage the Law of Attraction: Your Thoughts Become Your Reality. The Law of Attraction states that like energy attracts like energy. When your vibrational energy is high and light, which comes from trust and peace, you will attract clients, colleagues and associates that vibrate at that same level. To reach and maintain a high level, participate in nurturing activities like eating and drinking healthy, exercising, playing, laughing, reading inspiring books, enjoying a hobby, and giving thanks.

8) See to Believe: The Power of Visualization. Follow the lead of every top athlete by visualizing success. What can you visualize in your business? It might be seeing yourself deliver a dynamic presentation that motivates your audience to buy, sign up, hire you or whatever intention you set. Begin with the end in mind. Visualization creates a space for reality to unfold, just like you pictured it.

9) Affirm Success:
Creating, Positive, Powerful Statements. Decide what you want to be true in your business and create a short, positive statement in the present, as if it was already so. Post it and say it regularly.

10) Give Thanks Often: Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude. Keeping a gratitude journal is the first step to opening up to more blessings in your business. Go one step further and give thanks for perceived business failures or disappointments in anticipation of the gifts that will come from each experience.

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About the Author

Tricia Molloy is a seasoned entrepreneur, business consultant and author of Divine Wisdom at Work:™ 10 Universal Principles for Enlightened Entrepreneurs (Aha! House, 2006). She started her own marketing and public relations firm in 1988 to support the success of other passionate small-business owners.

As a New Thought business leader, Tricia applies universal principles to run her company and counsel clients and colleagues. She is a coach, speaker, workshop leader and freelance journalist who has written more than a hundred business profiles and stories for newspapers and magazines. Tricia is also a member of the Association for Spirit at Work, a worldwide non-profit organization dedicated to the study and practice of spirituality in the workplace. Divine Wisdom at Work™ is the first in a series of books. Visit www.DivineWisdomAtWork.com.




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