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Winter Wisdom For the Soul
by Karin Marcus

Recently, my husband and I escaped for a few days to a small quaint town in the mountains. We spent our days hiking along river gorges and icy lakes. On our last day, we awoke to a few inches of freshly fallen snow. It was a wonderful way to enter the New Year, walking in the silent forest, witnessing the delicate beauty of every twig, pine needle, and berry delicately capped with snow. It quieted my mind and stilled my soul.

Winter is constantly sending us signals that it is time to slow down, both on the slippery roads and in our daily life. I think that is one reason why the holidays can be so exhausting. It's against our natural rhythm to speed up and be extroverted when the days are becoming shorter and colder. Look at nature's example; the plants, trees, and animals are all retreating and resting. It is the season to conserve one's energy. Winter invites us to seek a warm and peaceful refuge where we can focus inward and renew our soul.

January is a month to be quiet with your Self. This year don't make resolutions that are in reality chastisements for personal traits that you perceive as negative. Instead focus on what nourishes you mentally, spiritually, and physically. Set aside some time for purposeful reflection whether it is through quiet meditation and prayer, or reading an inspirational book, or starting a new journal. Take stock of the year gone by and how far you have come. Reconnect with your values and ask yourself what really matters to you. Listen to your hearts desires and what you really need to be fulfilled. Before bounding forward on unchartered paths in the coming months, first listen to your inner guide.

Early winter is also a time to be kind to your body. It needs to be wrapped in soft protective layers and fed warm, wholesome soups and stews with homemade bread. Treat yourself to a massage to gently release all the built up tension and stress. Enjoy some solitary walks or gift yourself with a personal retreat. Practice moving with mindfulness and intention, perhaps taking some classes in Yoga, Chi Kung, or Tai Chi. Schedule those overdue medical check ups. In other words, have your own well being and good health become your top priority and way of life.

This is also a wonderful season to become reacquainted with your inner child. There is nothing like a snow day to bring out your youthful spirit. Build a snow man, make a snow angle, have a snowball fight. Play! Or stay inside and get your creative juices flowing. Remember crayons? Think of one thing that you use to love doing as a child and haven't done in years and then make a play date.

For the month of January, rest and become your own best friend. Acknowledge that this is the season to practice extreme self care and to build your inner reserve. Keep warm and cozy. Be prudent with your time and energy. But most of all, be loving to yourself!

Copyright (c) 2010 Karin Marcus

This article was originally posted on EzineArticles.com.



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About the Author

Karin Marcus is a Certified Life Coach and Retreat Leader. Visit Karin’s website SteppingOutCoaching.com or contact her directly: Karin@Steppingoutcoaching.com. Phone: 610-667-5247.







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