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The Magician Within The Miraculous!
by Sandra Miniere, MEd
ATH Asst. Editor of Sacred Living


Editor's Note from Sandra Miniere: Situations may occur that demonstrate the role Spirit plays in your life. Extra-ordinary events lift you out of the mundane and remind you what is possible. The power of grace (or whatever you call this force) magically guides and supports you when you ask for help. The five strategies I share in this article will help you attract miracles into your life, especially when you need them most. Become a miracle worker!

Life feels magical when I observe a mysterious force working behind the scenes to guide me. I acknowledge its presence when I feel directed to the people and places that benefit me in some way. My intuition and instinct usually help me make wise choices. However, finding the integrative cancer doctor after my mastectomy felt like a miracle. Without my trying to control things, I was led through the maze of possibilities right to his door.

My research for natural approaches to treating my breast cancer led me to explore many options. A reading with an intuitive described a short, bald, male doctor who was located several hundred miles from my home. She said he would help me, and that was it. I felt totally overwhelmed. The only thing to do: Ask for help and turn the search and outcome over to a Higher Power.

Four weeks after the mastectomy and five months after moving to California, I went to a new hair stylist five minutes from my home. Her welcoming smile and genuine interest in me made it easy to tell her that I was recovering from a mastectomy. She recommended a book by a doctor in Reno, Nevada. I picked up the book the next day. His picture on the back page of the book indicated he was bald. I thought, “Could he be the one?” It would be nothing short of a miracle if my first encounter with Dr. X took place only five minutes from my home. Unbelievable actually! Six weeks later when I met him, I knew he was the one.

Has the unbelievable touched your life? Have you been guided to exactly what you needed in order to accomplish a goal? At times, these encounters just happen and other times you play a part in the magic.

Looking back twelve years later, I can see a process that enabled me to find this “needle in a haystack.” These five strategies worked:

   1. I had a mission to find the right treatment options for me and achieve optimal health.
   2. I kept my heart open through acceptance. I never blamed anything or anyone for my cancer, including myself.
   3. I focused on the next step and stayed in purposeful action in the moment.
   4. I asked for help and surrendered the outcome to a Higher Power.
   5. I stayed positive about the process and the outcome no matter how lost and stressed I felt at times.

These strategies served me well then and continue to serve me as I create the life I want. They can serve you too, especially when the stakes are high. A mysterious force works with you and me. It guides and carries us when we need help. I call this power grace.

The miraculous is a part of life. Notice when it touches you and what you may have done to help it along. Have faith, you are not alone here!

Sandra Miniere – 3-6-13


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About the Author

Sandra Miniere, M.Ed., offers personal life and executive leadership coaching and Emotional Freedom Techniques consultations in person and on the telephone. She is an author and speaker. She also gives workshops and teleseminars on a variety of motivational and integrative wellness topics. A former holistic mental health counselor, she has been helping people transform themselves and their lives for 30 years. In her book, A Lighter Side to Cancer - From Wake-up Call to Radiant Wellness, she shares her uplifting and empowering adventure through breast cancer twelve years ago. She feels blessed with great health, special relationships and a life that fuels her.




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