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Take Responsibility for the Whole World
by David G. Arenson, ND,
ATH Co-Editor of Sacred Living




Editor´s Note from David G. Arenson: America has the highest per capita in prison in the world. What does that say about our nation? There's an ancient Hawaiian HoÊ»oponopono practice of taking responsibility not only for oneself but for the whole world. What would happen if we realized that our responsibility is the world?


America has the highest per capita in prison in the world.

1 in every 31 adults in the USA (7.3 million) is behind bars, or on probation or parole (2009). 743 adults per 100,000 population are currently locked up in a small cell the size of a cupboard.

What does that say about the nation? What does that say about the individuals?

Locking people up in metal blocks and throwing away the keys! How is this a solution? A shocking statistic.

There's an ancient Hawaiian Hoʻoponopono practice of taking responsibility not only for oneself but for the whole world.

When addressing any pain, sorrow, lack of balance or area needing healing, one says the words “I'm sorry. Forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”

This practice involves healing oneself via mental cleansing.

How quickly do we blame, hate, and label others? What would happen if we saw what is outside of us, as relating to us, as connected to who we are, as part of us.

What would happen if we were to decide to change it?

Did we abandon those in our society who were struggling?

Could we have done more to help those in need?

Instead of casting aside those who who fail or get lost, as a society let's start to take personal responsibility for each other.

What would happen if we realized that our responsibility is the world?

Three Ways to Take Responsibility for the Whole World:

1. Change your perspective

When we can take responsibility for the whole world, fundamentally we change our perspective.

When we realize that we make the world, we see connection and possibility where before there was fragmentation and separation. Taking responsibility for the world is taking responsibility for yourself.

2. Reach out.

Contact someone incarcerated.

Establish a connection where there wasn't one before. If you're feeling brave, you visit a local prison. There are many amazing programs being run in prisons. One of my favorite documentaries is, “Doing Time, Doing Vipassana” (a documentary on meditation programs in Indian prisons).

See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEPaacnLyDs Reach out to others in need. It doesn't need to be those in prison, it could be those you love. Use your skills and interests to help others. For instance, if you have a love of literature, you could read to the blind. Or if you do reiki, you could visit a local hospital and give healing. You will gain much more than you expect.

3. Share your love

In your stillness practice and inner thoughts, and/or yoga/ meditation practice, spend a moment sending unconditional love to those around you, and throughout the world, especially those suffering or in need. Consciously be more loving in your personal relationships. Every little bit of positive intention does make a difference to our world.

Share the live.

Say to all those incarcerated in prisons, “I'm sorry. Forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”


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About the Author

David G. Arenson ND, Naturopath, Spiritual Teacher and Transformational Coach. An international speaker and author who has explored over 20 countries, David developed a system of initiation called Shambhala Therapy, and is the Founder of Shambhala Retreats. He is currently working on a book about how to be a modern-day superhero, and is developing a network of dreamers, called I BUTTERFLY.

David specializes in holistic wellness and integrating spiritual concepts into the human potential movement. David presents powerful concepts in personal change and living on purpose. David's inspirational writings on holistic and sacred living, transformation and thriving are featured worldwide. Guiding people in how to experience themselves on a deeper level, David believes our world is as we dream it - “Our collective dream is what has created our current world. I look forward to dreaming with you and creating dreams that we can be proud of.”

To find out more about David, enquire about organizing wellness retreats or speaking engagements, visit his website, www.findshambhala.com - Journey with David to Shambhala.

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