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Remembering Who You Are
by David G. Arenson, ND,
ATH Co-Editor of Sacred Living



"At the centre of your being, you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want." ~Lao Tzu

As a society, we have been taught from an early age that we know nothing - we must go to the experts to find answers, and go to school to study to gain knowledge in order to be successful.

If you're reading this, I expect you're part of a new wave of thinking that recognizes the innate wisdom that lies within you. This wisdom is not bounded by reason or limitation, nor is it reserved for the chosen few who through rites or rituals have earned the right to spiritual transcendence. This is an inner knowing everyone can grasp; an inner resonance which at its core is bound to our connection to Source. All are invited to reach out and touch God.  

Qualifications may be helpful along your path. Reading can be a richly rewarding experience. Yet most schools and universities are still teaching political deceit and propaganda, limited thinking and old outdated theories. Most importantly they educate you in how little you know and how to find the answers you seek in reductionist thinking. Strategies implemented include the teaching of separate parts to isolates us from the whole. Heavyweight scientific ideas are suppressed to alienate students from the truth. 

When you give over your power, you lose touch with your innate intelligence. People have been programmed to disconnect from their feelings, to make themselves disempowered as “facts don't lie.” 

Our educational system is the product of powerful Government, media and economic corporations. This alliance is self-serving and serves to promote FEAR. The fears are like walls which expand like skyscrapers in our minds, debilitating us on an individual and collective level. Letting go of fear is the path to sanity. Realizing our own innate power and the sacredness of all life – is the next step in our evolution has human beings.

A developed self-esteem is one of the foundations of trusting your intuition. This requires a self-belief generated from confidence in your own sanctity as a human being. Instead of putting your faith in others, put faith in yourself.

Living with love, and loving passionately are the way. God is within us, within every cell of creation. All is sacred, and all is alive. Divinity is inside you and outside you. All is one. 

Instead of tapping into limitation, tap into the infinite fountain of universal possibility.

Ask, “if there was no limitation, what would I do...? If I could do anything, what would it be...? If I could be anyone, who would I be...?”

Open your mind to inspiration, and it will flow as naturally as a stream down a mountain pass. Relax and feel the elegance of your wisdom. You are not an accident of fate – you are a powerful co-creator of reality. 

Deep down you know who you are. Perhaps you just forgot.


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About the Author

David G. Arenson, ND is a naturopath, wellness consultant and transformational coach. Having lived and studied on six continents, David's evolving abilities span from sacred living and energy healing to helping people experience the essence of self: "When we experience love from the inside out as an intrinsic part of all Creation, we find our calling; experiencing ourselves as LOVE." David has recently founded Shambhala Therapy as a way of communicating sacred love. For more information, or for business or personal enquiries, see: 

For consulting queries related to wellness coaching, distant healing, copy writing, spa consulting, strategy, please email, 

A note from David introducing Finding Shambhala:

"A long time ago as a child, I was very sad and felt very alone. 
I used to share poetry with God, and pray that some day I would feel better.
Some days, I would imagine myself in the future and hope that I could visit myself in the present and tell myself that everything would be ok. I would float above, astral travel, disappear into starlight.
In the future when I learnt more, I would imagine myself revisiting myself as child, and telling myself that I would be ok.
The sacred path isn't always clear! We try to define things to match our world view to make us feel safe.
Yet the sacred is a feeling that can be a meditation, a prayer, love, bliss, a flowering of consciousness. The sacred is all these things–something beautiful we feel in our soul."

Visit his website: www.transformationalmedicine.net
Visit him on Facebook: www.facebook.com/davidarenson
Twitter: twitter.com/#!/davidarenson
Hue, Vietnam ASIA



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