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Blessed with a Brain Tumor

Part 1
by Will Pye


Editor's Note from David Arenson: Will Pye was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2011. He made the brave decision to infuse his life with meaning, healing + joy. Will shares his inspirational healing journey with our readers to inspire, transform and awaken others. It is with great humility and gratitude that we share Will's story. Look for Part 2 regarding his life before diagnosis.

On February 26th of 2011, I was running in my apartment gym in Canberra, Australia when I jumped off just in time to collapse and have a seizure. 
I was admitted to hospital and a few hours later informed there was a growth about the size of a golf-ball on my brain. 
I had a brain tumor and, as far as I know, still do. 
It was thought to most likely be a low-grade astrocytoma, one of the less immediately threatening variety of brain tumors. All signs suggested it had been growing gradually over a long period of time. Following consultation with 3 different neurosurgeons and a neurologist, prognosis was good; a relatively straightforward surgical procedure, perhaps a bit of radiation or chemotherapy and 50:50 odds of going on to live for decades to come. Faced with, so far as I could see, one choice, I chose it.

A few days before the scheduled surgery I saw that I had made this choice largely from laziness and the allure of someone else taking responsibility to resolve my issue. I determined that such a significant decision must be informed by my own inner wisdom and that thus far I had not fully engaged all aspects of my being in facing this challenge. I sensed there was a grander and more challenging road - to take full responsibility for having created the tumor and for the restoration of perfect health. 
Within the drama, there was opportunity. Following another consultation with my open and supportive team at Addenbrokes Hospital, Cambridge, I postponed the surgery and requested a second scan which showed the tumor to be as it was 3 months ago. This stability allowed me to create possibilities in my mind. I reasoned that if successful in somehow creating a self-induced healing I would be able to avoid brain surgery altogether, a considerable gain. I was attracted too by the likely ‘side-effects’ of a holistic approach – greater self-knowledge, enhanced overall health, joy and peace. 
My neurosurgeon dutifully reminded me that I should be aware we could not be sure the tumor might not in the meantime morph into something more aggressive. I looked deep inside and ultimately went with my intuition, knowing that the road less travelled offered a journey that was my soul’s calling. With another scan scheduled for 6 months I began the process of discovering how one might heal a brain tumor.

At first, I strived and increasingly surrendered into a healing journey where the immense intelligence of the bodymind or, if you prefer, the infinite intelligence of consciousness, is allowed to heal. This a process by which I came to understand the reasons and causes of the tumor and embrace the profound opportunity for personal growth it brings. A process that I intend will have, as one consequence, the dissolution of the tumor via self-induced healing.

I sense the biggest lesson is surrender - not giving up, letting go, opening into a complete trust in each moment. Also, to take complete responsibility for one’s life and healing. So, my paradox at the moment – I am consciously creating my own healing whilst giving up control or attachment to outcome; awakening my power as a co-creative being, ever evolving, whilst realizing there is only ever glorious wholeness and perfection, in each evolving moment.

I have experienced all this as wonderful gift, truly the best thing to ever happen to me. By far the most fascinating! Today I am happier, more deeply at peace and see more possibilities for the future than ever before.

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change." Max Planck



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About the Author

Will Pye is a writer, speaker, healer, social entrepreneur and perpetual student of truth and transformation. In 2011 Will was diagnosed with a brain tumour which he experienced as an extraordinary opportunity to put into practice his studies. Remarkably the first months were free of any stress or suffering; rather the experience was one of joy, delight and fascination. Will is committed to completing his own healing, sharing the perspectives and practises that deepen our capacity to access joy whatever the circumstance and ultimately to inspire and facilitate other's healing, transformation and awakening.

Will's website, www.blessedwithabraintumor.com, is a resource for anyone who themselves or someone they know is going through a life-changing experience. It is a pointer to and report of the healing, transformation and awakening such experiences offer. It is an invitation to anyone to wake up; to live truly and joyfully; to recognize the perfection right now, as it is, whilst consciously creating ever greater expression; an invitation and how-to-guide to living your life, even the despair and darkness, as joyful celebration, dancing and stumbling from miracle to miracle in mostly awe-filled gratitude and bliss.

The book ‘Blessed With a Brain Tumor,’ to be released in mid 2012, will offer greater detail about Will's healing journey.

Visit his website: www.blessedwithabraintumor.com
Email: will@willpye.com




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