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A Conversation With... Sonia Choquette
Author, Spiritual Teacher, Six Sensory Consultant, and Transformational Visionary Guide

Interviewed by Sue O'Callahan,

Co-Editor of Sacred Living



Sonia Choquette

Hello everyone! This is Sherri Carter, supervising editor for All Things Healing. Thank you so much for joining us. With me today is Sue O’Callahan, our co-editor in sacred living who will be interviewing our guest, Sonia Choquette, who is a globally celebrated spiritual teacher, six sensory consultant, and transformational visionary guide. Her book is The Answer is Simple and it is a New York Times best seller. So now I would like to turn the conversation over to Sue.

Sue: Good morning. We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to spend some times with you today, Sonia, discussing your new book Grace, Guidance, and Gifts: Sacred Blessings to Light Your Way. I wanted to start out by just saying first of all how much I am enjoying the process of your book and the process of it bringing us back to our divine selves. I wanted to welcome you to All Things Healing and thank you for joining us.

I wanted to just start out by asking you generally what spiritual or conscious awakening is, from your experience?

"When you awaken, it’s like changing the channel; you are on an entirely different frequency and you begin to live in the flow, in the breath, and in the vibrational light of the universe."

Sonia: Spiritual awakening is when we begin to recognize and get back in touch with our authentic self as opposed to living our life through the lens of the emotional and mental confusion of our ego, which is actually a manufactured self that had to be developed when we were more vulnerable or unaware. It’s our true nature. It is the consciousness that speaks in our heart. It is the awareness of our sounds as spirit and it is the expression of our spirit, which is pure light and pure love in the world. It’s also the ability to clear the lens, it’s like clearing up the fog so that we begin to see and connect with other people at that same level. Rather than working and living our life role to role, we start living at a deeper level of authentic self to authentic self. When you awaken, it’s like changing the channel; you are on an entirely different frequency and you begin to live in the flow, in the breath, and in the vibrational light of the Universe. So it’s no longer kind of fighting against the world out of fear and defense, but really expanding and opening into the experience of love, light and connectivity with all of the Universe to support you living at the highest level.

Sue: In your book you mention the difference between soul and spirit. Can you discuss that now from what you have found?

Sonia: The soul is the part of ourselves that has a history. That's the part of our nature that through lifetime after lifetime we are the student and have connected from ourselves and we are finding our way back. It is the part of our nature that goes through lessons; the part of our nature that learns from experience. It’s the part of our nature that struggles with the shadow and keeps awakening. In the front lens of the soul is the eye of your personality or your ego. It’s not your divine nature- the sun, the spirit of you is like the sun because it's the light in you that has no history. It has no disconnection from source, it has no story, whereas the soul does, it has struggle. Hence we have what we call the dark night of the soul, whereas the spirit is the divine light and the soul is moving itself back to that light. And right now in time we are in a very accelerated process of that. So our souls have been struggling along with story or shadow and so I call the soul like the moon, it’s like the eclipse of the moon some times. We get disconnected from our eternal light, whereas the spirit in us is nothing but eternal light. And we are all kind of catapulting back in that direction at lightning speed, waking up to our story-less, beautiful divine light and freeing ourselves from those struggles as we awaken more and more to our true nature.

Sue: How can we help our soul or ego surrender to our spirit?

"The best way to connect to your spirit is through breath."

Sonia: Well the first thing is to recognize to look at the spirit inside you as the sun. The sun is feeding you with light and it's your source, it strengthens your body, your bones, your heart, your mind, and your spirit; it's the warm basking of eternal light into your divine nature pouring into your human experience. Consider your soul or the ego especially like the moon, eclipsing the sun. It is blocking the light and if we are trying to derive our identity from that eclipse then we are only deriving from darkness. If we can just remember that it is just the eclipse, that it is moving, and that it’s not me; that these are my experiences, these are my perceptions, and some of them aren’t clear, but we just need to let them go without judgment or shame and look at every experience as a lesson to learn. Then we begin to reconnect with our spirit more quickly. The best way to connect to your spirit is through breath. You should breathe and know that the breath in you has no history. The breath in you is your life force. We can live without food for maybe up to two weeks, we can live without other comforts for periods of time, but we cannot live without breath for more than maybe six or seven minutes. So go to the breath and make choices that are loving. Try to make choices that are kind to you and kind to others. Just take a breath and get some space and remember that behind all the story is a shared breath. And that will take practice and awareness but if you take that few minutes to do that, you are reconnected. You can look at your experiences with some perspective and you begin to see that these are my struggles, my lessons, my experiences, but these aren’t me. And my spirit can guide me through these if I am loving, kind, and I give myself breath.

Sue: What is grace? It’s a central theme throughout your book and it is such a beautiful word and essence so I was wondering if you could speak to it from your experience.

"Spiritual awakening is when we begin to recognize and get back in touch with our authentic self as opposed to living our life through the lens of the emotional and mental confusion of our ego..."

Sonia: Grace is the flow from God, from the Universe that created and breathed you into the Universe and that loves you. It supports in you, delights in you, wants your success, and sees nothing but goodness about you and the truth of you. It is like the booster shot that helps you get out of the trenches and out of the mud and obstacles that your ego presents. It is a gift and we can ask for grace by simply praying for it and recognizing how we are graced. Think of all of the blessings that you haven’t acknowledged and then notice that you are being assisted. Pay attention. Another way to connect with grace is to be gracious. Slow down and put around your actions an energy of graciousness, of kindness, and of beauty. God will help you if you are stuck and if you are stuck, ask for grace. Just to give you a quick analogy, the tow truck that comes and picks you up and pulls you out of the trenches when you got stuck in a ditch.

Sue: How do you recommend that the readers use your new book? Also if you could speak briefly to the audio portion and tell us, what is on it?

Sonia: Grace, guidance, and gifts are the three sacred blessings that we are given to light our way and to light the way of the soul back to the spirit. Each of these three gifts helps us. The first is God’s grace, the second is our intuition or our guidance, and the third is gifts; our gifts to share, God’s gift to us, and the gifts of others to us. So these three things bring us to a place of harmony and vibrational resonance with our spirit. The way I wrote the book is that you just open it up every day to a page and on that page you will first get a mini lesson, just a message to remind you of one of your sacred blessings. You’ll get a blessing because you are blessed and you are a blessing to the planet so there is a blessing to your spirit, an acknowledgement, and a celebration. There’s a mantra because we train our conscious mind so there’s just a mantra for the day just to help you stay in resonance with your spirit. There is also a prayer, just a prayer to allow your heart to uplift. It’s just a daily dose of goodness to help you through your day, just enough, like food for the spirit. Then the audio is three meditations. I work with channeling and I channel divine grace in these meditations and there are three. One is for grace, which is a ten-minute meditation to connect with grace for if you are feeling stuck and you need that. There is a ten-minute meditation for guidance to help you tune into your intuition and learn to follow the subtle promptings of that. And the third is a meditation to help you remember and acknowledge that you are gifted, that you have gifts to share that are wonderful and needed. There are many gifts coming your way from God and from others. So these three meditations can be tuned into at any time because they aren’t too long but they speak to the part of you that is learning; the part of you that is like your soul and is learning like a student. It’s just a very easy way for you to tune in and remember who you are. So between the simple book that you just leave by your bed and look at a piece every day, one page, two pages, it’s enough and it’s not work but rather a subtle reminder. If you need the extra support of the meditation it’s there to work together and help you remember the light of who you are.

Sue: Thank you very much for taking the time to share with us information and guidance on your new book. Thank you for the book and thank you for being with us today.

Sonia: And thank you Sue and thank you for all of the beautiful blessings that you bring to the world and for allowing me to be on your show. So thank you very much.

Sherri: Thank you so much Sonia and Sue. Readers and listeners you can find out more about Sonia by visiting her website located at www.soniachoquette.com and you can also sign up for her newsletter and purchase her book and we also have her wonderful articles she wrote for All Things Healing.com. So thank you for being here!



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About Sonia Choquette

Sonia Choquette is a globally celebrated spiritual teacher, six-sensory consultant, and transformational visionary guide, known for her delightful humor and skill in quickly shifting people out of difficulty and into flow. She is the author of 19 international bestselling books on intuitive awakening, personal growth, creativity, and transformational leadership including the New York Times bestseller The Answer is Simple."

Her work has been published in over 40 countries and in 37 languages, making her one of the most widely read authors and experts in her field in the world.

She is also a member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the host of her own weekly radio show Trust Your Vibes on Hay House Radio. Sonia has been featured on ABC, NBC,CNN, INC., NEW WOMAN, USA TODAY as well as CHICAGO TRIBUNE LOS ANGELES TIMES and THE LONDON TIMES. You can find her at www.soniachoquette.com.



About the Interviewer

Sue O’Callahan has been working as an intuitive energy healer since 2000. Her education and training includes medical intuition, light energy and vibrational healing, color therapy, Reiki and the shamanic tradition. Sue offers 2 monthly group distance healing services called Lighten Up for weight loss and Conscious Creation for the freedom to flourish.  In 2006 Sue started Healing Corporations conducting healing techniques on companies, www.sueocallahan.com.

Sue is a graduate of UC Berkeley. She has spent the past 22 years working in both corporate and entrepreneurial America and the highly transformational world of healing. In the early 1990’s, Sue went to work for Lehman Brothers. After a few years, she left institutional equities to work on start-up ventures in the cosmetic industry.  (Urban Decay, Body & Soul Cosmetics, Hourglass Cosmetics) Sue found that whether working for an investment company or building a business from scratch, exercise wasn’t enough to release on-going tension and pressure.

The more Sue investigated, the more her own healing abilities began to flourish. Sue spent extended periods mediating and training with powerful and gifted teachers. She studied the foundations of healing, focusing on modalities based on the chakras and meridians. She trained in color therapy, medical intuition, distance healing, light energy and vibrational healing as well as Reiki.

Sue currently works as an intuitive energy healer offering solutions and strategies for people on the go. She offers 2 monthly distance group healing services called Lighten Up for weight loss and Conscious Creation for the freedom to flourish both of which provide consistent accelerated healing for those committed to creating change in their lives. Sue continues to explore new modalities in energy medicine and the shamanic tradition. www.sueocallahan.com 







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