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12 Cosmic Laws of Life
by Kate Mitchell



Editor's Note from Sue O'Callahan: Kate Mitchell's article delineates and simplifies the 12 Cosmic Laws. She offers easy-to-use tips on incorporating and holding them sacred in our lives.


The cosmic laws were created as a vehicle of navigation in a time when we are experiencing quantum leaps of change. These laws will help you stay in your heart, forgive, discern, trust and love without condition, as we shift into a conscious way of living in Universal peace.

1. LOVE -
Only when love is unconditional and without expectation is it true love. Self-love, healing and loving every part of yourself is essential. Love is everything. Love rules. All you need is Love. It's all about loving yourself first, filling every single cell of your body with your own love and with the love of Father/Mother God. Ultimately, the love that IS you will naturally overflow to be felt and shared by all.

The principal frequency necessary for expansion is forgiveness. Without it you have attachments. If you are challenged to attain forgiveness, it is simply an indicator that you are holding something outside of yourself that you feel is responsible for what you have felt or experienced. Then, your expansion becomes stagnant. Ho’oponopono is an ancient healing technique of forgiveness from Hawaii practiced throughout Polynesian cultures. The mantra is as follows: “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.” The understanding that can easily facilitate forgiveness is that we are all Divine Beings of God and that we have all experienced the depths of darkness and the Light. Some people are still on an evolutionary level where they need to play out actions that are harmful to themselves and others, but the truth is that they are doing so in order to evolve and they will eventually move on from this.

3. GRATITUDE - What helps you stay in your heart energy and be in the present moment is gratitude. Gratitude keeps you connected with God. Take inventory of everything you can be grateful for. Every person on the planet has something to be grateful for, even if it is just for the opportunity to be ALIVE and have air in your lungs. The more we are grateful for everything in our life, the more the Universe provides us with more things to be grateful for. "If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough." Meister Eckhart

4. TRUTH - Authenticity, accountability, impeccability, integrity, always speaking your truth and not hiding anything, are essential - especially right now when the transition between the worlds is so intensified and all the veils are being removed. Whenever a being is not in his/her full spontaneous truth, the Soul contracts. These contractions are very harmful for the person. To be in your truth is to allow all that you are to spontaneously bubble up to be expressed however your heart guides you to express it. This is a way to truly be free. If our response in every life situation is not 100 percent spontaneously truthful and correct, the spirit cannot fully live in the body. “The frequency of even the most minor deception, even by omission, is below the minimum frequency level necessary for spirit to embody fully.” – Amorah Quan Yin.

5. TRUST - Trust yourself and the Voice within. Have faith that everything is unfolding as it should. Trust your heart and surrender to it. The feminine surrenders completely to the masculine when she trusts completely that he will always act in the Divine Will of God. When you choose to let go completely and trust everything in your life, Divine flow will unfold. Full trust of everything and everyone including Mother/Father God is necessary to stay out of contraction, closure, and separation. Trusting with discernment is very important. You can choose to remain open with trust to a person who is labeled a thief, but your wisdom knows that you would not give this person the keys to your home. If you choose to go into fear or separation with this person, you are only choosing to cause contraction within yourself, and that is not truth.

6. WISDOM - Wisdom is Divine knowing - knowledge transmuted into wisdom. It's the transmutation of Ego/personality into God/Goddess Consciousness or knowledge with intuition. Then, you may have access to your higher mind, which is One with the mind of God/Goddess. Wisdom comes from the very depth of our being. Choosing to tap into wisdom by using intention, while proceeding to still the mind and connect to the heart, will enable you to transcend mundane Three Dimensional life and to soar into higher states of awareness. To be wise is to be connected to All That Is. To be wise is to always follow your Heart.

7. ENERGY - Minimum effort/maximum efficiency is the Law of Energy. Everything is energy. Use the Violet Flame to transmute any and all things within you, around you and on our planet that are not holding the Highest Good for All. Here is a simple affirmation/prayer to use by Patti Cota-Robles that is extremely effective: I AM my I AM consciousness, and I AM ONE with the I AM consciousness of ALL Humanity (or anything else you care to use). Transmute, Transmute by Violet Fire all causes and cores not of God's Desire. I AM a being of cause and that cause is LOVE, the Sacred Tone. So Be It and So It Is. In the Name of the Light. Breathing into your Heart is KEY to tapping into the infinite energy supply available to all of us. Taking the time to attune yourself to higher levels of energy is invaluable because it opens up a whole new world of self-Mastery.

8. POWER - Higher Power comes from being connected to your heart and your core. Ego/personality power alone is not real Power. Train your ego to be a servant and a vehicle for true Divine Power by keeping your energy in your heart and not your mind. We have unlimited and true power that lies in our Hearts. That is where the present moment is and only through the present moment can you fully access your own Divine personal power. Being forceful and/or using force in your life is not real power. Surrendering to the Divine Power leads to accessing your individual personal power. Meditating, spending time in nature, eating more organic raw foods, exercising your body, getting body work/energy work, etc. will assist you to raise your vibrational frequency.

There are so many incredible tools for ascension available. Crystals, gemstone jewelry, flower essences, ormus, supplements, energy work with a great practitioner, music, books, etc., are great ways to increase your awareness and to help you in challenging times of transition.

9. KARMA - Karma is of course the consequential ripple effect from every thought, feeling, word or action. Every individual has personal karma; we as a nation have national karma; and we as a planet have global karma. So every single person on this planet is contributing to the overall karma we are experiencing. Taking personal responsibility for every thought, feeling, word and action is the only way to graciously and successfully go through this powerful "tunnel" we are in right now. We are walking in between the worlds. A positive action out of integrity will result in an equal affect in your world. And reversely, all negative energy will bring back a negative result. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction - This is one of the Laws of Physics.

10. LAW OF ATTRACTION - You are always manifesting every thought, word, feeling and action in your outer world, This is how you create your "reality". Verbalizing (speaking out loud) seals the creating of anything you desire into existence. The WORD was created in the origins of our planet. And let's remember, it is VERY powerful. Until you are at the ideal place where you no longer speak disempowering words, CANCEL them when you realize what you have intended. You can "Speak into existence" everything for your Higher Self and respectively for all Humanity. Remember we are all ONE. There is no separation and ultimately no polarity. These are illusions that are still being held in place by humans who have not awakened fully. However, millions are waking up every day to a whole new understanding of who they are and how totally connected we all are. Do your best to tune yourself constantly to the highest frequency possible, because that which is in resonance with you will gracefully and joyously come into your life. Consciously choose how to FEEL on a daily basis and remember that LIKE attracts LIKE.

We live in a world presently where duality and polarity seem to exist. As we move into higher places towards the 5th Dimension, duality will disappear. As light beings, we came into this experience from the full integration of masculine and feminine energy. After the "Fall," our energy was split or separated into Male and Female beings so that we could further experience life from an new perspective. Now, the marriage of the masculine & feminine within is essential to pave the way and open the portal to newer worlds where our existence will be vastly different than how we perceive it today. By personally balancing our individual male and female energies, we transcend the illusion of separation and of negative and positive. Giving and receiving appear to be opposite energies; however they are really the same in the end. Giving is receiving and receiving is giving. To attain that balance, the shadow side must be brought into the light. Take a closer look at all the shadow aspects of yourself that are coming up for purification, self-acceptance, and self-love. Harmonizing your God/Goddess Selves is crucial right now for evolution and total unity within.

12. JUSTICE - Divine justice rules and everything else is an illusion. Do the right thing in any given moment or situation. You know what that is when you move and keep your energy in your Heart. It may appear that there are many situations occurring in the world that are not fair. It's the old karmic energies that we have co-created over eons. We are transmuting that energy into its highest form which will result in bridging the old world of win-lose to the New World of WIN-WIN. Keep going, Dear Ones. It's a done deal. However, we do have to play it out, while addressing every negative energy within us that needs to be brought into light and harmony.



PEACE – Only peace reigns. Force, conflict ulterior motivates will only lead to struggle and hardship. The path to peace is through the heart and the still Voice within.

COMPASSION – We are all doing the best that we can in every given moment.

COOPERATION – Let’s work together as one in peace and harmony.

RESPECT – Everything is Sacred.

ACCOUNTABILITY – Be accountable for EVERY thought, word, feeling and action.

HONOR – Honor yourself, each other and all Humanity for the roles we are playing.

DETERMINATION – Keep going. It gets easier and more graceful each step of the Way.

PERSISTENCE – Never give up. Right around the corner is a bright New World.

Please take these Universal Laws into your heart, and let us live out this shift with grace and ease in the highest vibration of Love and Light. What we do within ourselves, we do to ALL that is, for we are all One and everything is Consciousness. There are many Laws of Life on Planet Earth. We feel that these are some of the most relevant ones right now to keep in mind along our Path to Ascension. We have entered some very exciting times...AURA SHOP is honored to be part of your Journey.



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About the Author

Kate Mitchell is an expert on the Science of Chakra & Color accumulating over twenty years of energy/color therapy experience. She believes that each soul has the right and ability to reclaim his or her power to bring peace, harmony and abundance to each one of us and our beloved planet. Kate is the founder and owner of AURA SHOP, a resource center for self-awareness & self-empowerment. She is a published author of metaphysical short stories and co-founder and CEO of ECO EDEN, a sustainable community, currently in development. www.aurashop.com






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