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Create the Life You Want- Start an Action Journal
by Sherri Carter, MS
Family & Parenting Editor


Editor's note: Sherri Carter: Here are some suggestions in starting an Action Journal. Based on the idea of a gratitude journal, an Action Journal will help you focus on creating experiences which support your intentions, and those New Year's Resolutions.

Whether it’s New Year’s Resolutions, setting intentions, or goals to achieve, deciding what you want is only the first step. Next, comes adding supportive action. Starting an Action Journal can help you focus your actions towards creating what you desire. The idea of an Action Journal is based on the gratitude journals. While the gratitude journals helped people find things to be grateful for throughout their day, the Action Journal will help you to live your resolutions, intentions and goals, creating them in each step you take.

Here are a few suggestions on how to use your Action Journal:

   * Brainstorm on how you can create what you desire. Make a list of what you can do. This list gives you a starting point of what you can do- to empower you. You never know where one action will lead, so be open to the path as it opens to you.

   * Write down everything- and everyone- which is supportive of your goals. This is what you will nurture and strengthen. Surround yourself with support. See where you already are living your intentions. Expand and grow from this place of support for what is possible. These are the experiences to which you will say YES!

   * Write down everything- and everyone- which isn’t supportive of your goals. This is where you will need to create a plan for releasing what doesn’t work for you in achieving your goals. You may not be able to fully release your physical location to a situation- or person- but you can release your emotional attachment. These experiences- the ones which move you further from you goals- are the ones to which you will say NO!

   * Everyday, write down what you did to support your goals and intentions; whether it’s saying yes to what you want, or no to what you don’t want. Begin looking for actions you can take; become the change you wish for. No matter how big or small, take action which moves you closer to what is possible; create experiences which are empowering and fulfilling. In creating these supportive experiences, you are attracting more of that desire, that feeling, which will ultimately lead to achieving your goal. For example, if you want a loving relationship, be a loving person. Celebrate each loving act, each act of kindness.

NY Times Best Selling Authors, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, developed what they called The Rule of Five. They set their intentions for their book, Chicken Soup for the Soul, to become a best selling book. They didn’t stop with only setting their intentions. They brainstormed on every possible action they could think of, writing each on a post it note and placing it on their action wall.  They did five things each and everyday to support this goal.  Each of these singular actions, focused on a singular goal, added up to achieving their desired outcome.

So, whether it’s one thing, five, or a hundred, each action you take should be one that moves you towards what it is you desire. Make responsible use of yes and no. Add verb to your intentions and begin living what you desire! In adding an Action Journal, you can see the progress you’re making and celebrate each step. Every action you take, to support the life you desire to create, is one moment of living your intentions, bringing those desired goals of the future into your present moment!


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About the Author

I believe we are powerful creators. Aligning our thoughts with action creates an active faith, on that can move mountains. This is the foundational belief for my work as an author, speaker, and counselor. In the years leading up to my current work, I found that even though I knew so many people using the Law of Attraction, they were still frustrated, still searching for meaning and change for their lives. I too, was searching, for something beyond only thinking about the life I desired. It was in this search for something more, I discovered the Universal Law of Action.  
New life was breathed into my intentions as I became an active participant in creating the life I desired! As the people I worked with began utilizing this powerful principle, they too, reclaimed their power and began creating their desires in the present moment, rather than giving their power away by waiting for some distant future.


My best-selling book, Live Your Intentions, The Power of Action- 12 Steps to Living an Empowered Life is available exclusively at amazon.com. It's also availble for Kindle and is in the Kindle Lending Library. To learn more about Live Your Intentions, or to schedule a speaking engagement, interview or guest blog, please visit www.liveyourintentions.net.


In my work as Family & Parenting Editor for ATH, I see how my past  journey experiences culminate in this moment! I have quite the diverse background. I live in the beautiful Ozarks Region of southwest Missouri with my husband and son. We're very passionate about living what I call as unprocessed of a life as I can. We practice Natural Parenting (attachment parenting/gentle discipline) and home school my son, who I even birthed at home!  We have beautiful gardens, chickens for both eggs and meat and hope to add bees this spring to our little homestead I like to call Peace of Earth. In addition to having my Master's in Counseling, I'm also Reiki Master, EFT practitioner, have studied Tarot for over 25 years and am a Trained HealthRhythms Facilitator. All of these experiences give me a greater understanding and overview for the mission of AllThingsHealing.com-  a community dedicated healing mind, body, spirit and planet.



Visit my website: www.liveyourintentions.net
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My Best Selling book, Live Your Intentions, The Power of Action on Amazon, and now available for Kindle, for FREE at the amazon lending library.

Springfield, Missouri USA





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