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Create Fulfillment in Your Life
by Bonnie Rose Parker


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Editor's Note from Sherri Carter: Even though the author references "springtime," the advice she offers is good no matter what time of the year.

It’s that time of year and all of us are ready! Spring has finally showered us with the reminder of her beauty. Opening windows allows fresh air to fill us. Taking walks in the early morning or after dinner give us time to appreciate our surroundings, acknowledge our life and connect with our source. There are flowers and birds and children at play. Want to know the best part of the season? We get to consider our own ‘blossoming’ – a chance to shed the old (Winter) and give birth to the new (Spring).

This is the perfect time to consider how much your life matters and how others can benefit from who you are. “Those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life’s deepest joy:  true fulfillment” (Anthony Robbins). When I think about all the ‘things’ that are in my life, it’s clear that materialism is no substitute for connecting one’s self with a worthy cause, participating with people who share the same vision and values or doing something for someone without any expectations in return. The feeling of fullness is yours to enjoy because your heart place is alive with energy and purpose. Your soul feels nourished, your days are happy and you know you are making a difference.

Fulfillment can take on many forms. It can be experienced through volunteerism, connection with your spiritual self, working toward a far-reaching goal, being someone’s support or mentor or any activity that elevates your sense of self. It’s worth both time and energy to search for and find that vehicle or outlet which reflects your uniqueness and values your participation. And what a perfect time to uncover what this is for you than during Spring!

Denis Waitley says, “Personal satisfaction is the most important ingredient of success.” Feeling satisfied and knowing that who you are and what you do contributes to the well-being of people and community is powerful. Fulfillment is not the job you perform or the task you accomplish. It is how you feel about yourself because of the difference ‘being you’ makes.

So I ask you to consider this. Where are you in your life’s experiences as it relates to feeling fulfilled? Are you connected to something bigger than you? Are you involved in activities you find rewarding? Are you stretching your mind to explore new possibilities? And most importantly, are you willing to consider other options that could take you to a place you’ve not yet been?

This is the time to expand your self-awareness. This is the time to fill your soul to overflowing because you know your life has purpose. Find the answer or answers that are right for you. The journey is yours. No one else can offer what your life is all about. What have you been wanting to do that gets pushed back another season? What do you want to do that simply requires taking that first step? You deserve to lead a fulfilling life. Give yourself permission to seek more rewarding avenues if you’re not quite where you want to be. Life is a journey. It’s your journey. What you do and accomplish in this lifetime and who you share your life with are your choices. Remember, you and your contribution matter. Make time for you. Use your precious life to give yourself one of the greatest rewards – fulfillment. Enjoy springtime. As you witness its beauty, consider the beauty that is you as well. Shine your light and let others know you are here to serve. My friend, being of service will provide you with everything you need to live a life of overflowing fulfillment.


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About the Author

Bonnie Ross Parker, a.k.a. "America's Connection Diva," is a multi-dimensional businesswomen/entrepreneur, combining vision with a unique set of skills, focusing her energies on supporting women. She is the CEO/Founder of The Joy of Connecting® is a non-membership organization created to support women entrepreneurs, business owners and other professional women. Learn more about Bonnie Ross Parker at www.BonnieRossParker.com. Learn more about The Joy of Connecting at www.TheJoyofConnecting.com.




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