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“Access Your Spiritual Gifts And Talents,
Bring Forth Your Divine Mission"

Message From Archangel Michael, April 2011

Through Rev. Michelle Coutant



Editor´s Note from Tina Rayner: Valentines Day, a day that has perhaps become a red and pink cliche of chocolates in heart-shaped boxes, flowers of varying kinds and dinners that emphasize price over quantity, but what is NOT a cliche is the Love that started it all. What of tapping into Love EVERY day of the year whether you are part of a couple, or you are single, to then tap into the vibration of expansion and thus, of your expansion and thus to bring forth your Divine Mission? This is the message of Archangel Michael, as channeled by Rev. Michelle Coutant. Rev. Michelle Coutant passed away two months after this message was channeled, in June of 2011. I thank her for bringing forth her Divine Mission and sharing her Love with us so brightly, through the work she did at www.transformingradiance.com.

Dear Ones,

Remember a time when you were a shining beacon of light, filled with the light of God, glorious in your light bodies, glorious in your knowing of your magnificence, your solidarity, your oneness with all creation. You are returning to this state of oneness, you have never left this state of oneness, yet the veil was tightly drawn in the illusion of separation. Now is the time, the perfection of your heritage is once again shining through, and you can no longer deny, ignore who you are. The tests and lessons are coming hard and fast for those who choose to stay mired in the lower vibrations. As you raise your vibrations greatly, you will experience your tests and lessons much more gently, yet you will experience them. Embrace them, dear ones, this is your growth. These tests and lessons will lift you up to the vibrations of love, of joy, of peace and harmony, and you will wonder why it took you so long to return to your spiritual path and your heritage.

In this now moment you have all the gifts and talents you need to accomplish all that you desire. Meditate in the silence of your sacred heart. Meditate upon your gifts and talents. You have brought forth many gifts and talents in the present life, yet you have acquired, through your dedication and diligence, many gifts and talents, in your past lives. Access these gifts and talents. Make use of them. They are stored within your subconscious mind, waiting for you to bring them forth and make use of them. When you have mastered a gift in a past life, it is available to you for the asking, but you must ask your superconscious mind, your I Am Presence for assistance in bringing it forth into the present life. It is there, dear ones, never doubt it.

You have all the qualities, abilities, virtues, and assets of the God mind stored within you. You have used them freely in the past, and you may use them feely now, as you set your intention to make use of them for your highest good and the highest good of all. These gifts and talents will assist you in the bringing forth of your divine mission, a mission which will bring you great joy and make your heart sing. Ask in meditation, “What is my divine mission? What do I enjoy to such a great extent, that my heart sings, when I think of it, when I do it?” Therein lies your answer, and it may surprise many of you. Be open to receive from your God Self, your inner wisdom. Your God Self has been patiently awaiting the time when you would activate your divine mission, your special piece of the puzzle which will ensure your earthly legacy. It is a gift for humanity and the earth which no one else on the planet has been given. Your gift is unique to you, offered in a way which will assist the earth and all life forms, in great love and joy, as the tapestry of life receives another perfect thread, a perfect addition through you, the divine God Self, stepping forth to enrich the All That Is. It is most magnificent, dear ones. Embrace it, it is why you are here, to experience the fulfillment of the All That Is, to experience great love, great joy, as you “Be” your God Self through the expression of your divine mission.

It is also possible for you to bring forth new gifts and talents, as you expand your horizons. There is no limit to what you may have, do, and be. Release the struggle, release the limitations you have set upon yourselves, and allow. Allow the abundance of all creation to flow through you, which includes new spiritual gifts offered to you. You must ask for these gifts and then you must go the distance, work with them, incorporate them, and make them your own, as you go forth joyfully fulfilling your divine mission, knowing that you have all the wisdom, the knowledge, the gifts and talents available to you to rise to the occasion, to manifest your divine mission on earth.

Be present, right now, dear ones. There is the tendency to want to lift up and return home, as you yearn for the perfection you once knew. That perfection is here now, and it is each one of you who are to anchor it upon the earth, to create heaven on earth, and to assist the earth to return to perfection also. Go within, into the deep knowing of who you are, go within to the stillness of the All That Is. Go within to the determination, the fortitude, the strength, the courage, the wisdom that is you. Go within and feel the expansion of you, the expansion of the God mind within you. Feel the flow, the radiation of the God mind within you going forth before you, radiating love and joy, peace and harmony, as you bring yourselves into this balance and harmony. Breathe deeply as you fill yourselves with the prana, with the Adamantine Particles, drawing forth more and more as you bring yourselves into balance and harmony. The prana fills your very being with life force energy, assisting you to return to perfect vibrant health and assisting you in remaining centered in the love of your sacred heart.

Each step you take to raise your vibrations, assists you daily as you stay centered, expecting a miracle and the highest possible outcome. The master knows their divine mission and brings it forth into perfect expression, with great determination, joy, and passion. Step forth into the greatness of who you are, step forth into the fulfillment of your divine mission. Step forth, daily releasing all that no longer serves you and the highest good of all creation. You will clear yourselves of the lower vibrations, allowing in the higher vibrations which will assist you to bring forth your divine mission to fruition, as you each create heaven on earth for yourselves, and ultimately, heaven on earth for all life forms.

I am with you. Call on me to assist you in the fulfillment of your divine mission, your heart’s desire. Know that you are loved and surrounded by all those of the higher realms, ready to assist you also.

I am Archangel Michael, and I bring you this truth.



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About the Author

Michelle Coutant is a messenger for Archangel Michael, and Sananda. She receives wisdom from the Ascended Masters through channels and through the Akashic Records.

Michelle experienced a rich and varied childhood. Yet even as a child and young adult, she was seeking, never knowing what is was that she was seeking. "Is that all there is?", was a theme that stayed with her, through those years, and throughout her adult life.

In 1975, Michelle earned a Bachelor of Music Degree. After extensive training, she established her self-employed career in the piano rebuilding, tuning, and repair business, at a time when few women were employed in the business. She retired in 1994, after a successful career, when her second child was born. While raising two children, she worked in the real estate business. In 2001/2002, Michelle experienced her "dark night of the soul" and awakening, through the experiences of relationship loss, addiction and near death. She came to the understanding, through these experiences, that there are no victims. There are only those that have forgotten that we have free will. She came into the knowing that it takes as much work and effort to stay in the pain and suffering, as it does to step onto the path to self-mastery, the path of highest light, and she began the process of releasing all that no longer serves her highest good and the highest good of all. Having been near death, Michelle is a personal example of healing her body through the foods that we eat. Michelle understood, at last, what it was that she had been seeking.

For Michelle's full bio click here.
For more information visit www.transformingradiance.com.




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