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Writing Shifts My Spirit
by Kathryn Williams



Editor's Note from
Barbara Lazarony: Kathryn invites you, the reader, to experience the wonderful spiritual practice of writing.

Writing is a spiritual practice. This creative process engages the mind, body, and spirit and the end result is an awe-inspiring work of art. It is a healing tool, one that offers inner peace and grounding.

My life offers testimony to these therapeutic powers. During 2008, I lost my father through hospice and, shortly after, I lost my job; I was left feeling physically and emotionally exhausted. In the midst of this beat down and raw state, I began to create inspirational pieces, ones that offered a blend of art and spirituality. I overlaid my written compositions on my nature photos, and I then gifted the work to my bereaved loved ones. The words offered hope to those who suffered the loss of my father. It was a, “Think of me in this new spiritual way, from my Dad’s perspective, through the warmth of the sun, the vibrations of nature and so on.” As I shared my creations with the intent to soothe other’s pain, I quickly realized my pain was also being eased. I received such warm feedback from my gifts, I transitioned my career and launched my Internet business, Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC. I now work in this new arena, which I call “Life Healing Art”.  

I later turned these pieces into my first book, What Can I Say When Words Escape Me, being present in times of sorrow.  

Writing shifts my spirit. Each time I look at a blank screen or sheet of paper, I allow my feelings to manifest into a piece that guides me to a healthier state. I am the one who chooses the topic that I write about and this subject is very personal to me. If I'm feeling down, I face this darkness to try to understand, through my writing, why this mood is with me, what is its purpose? I’m also eager to read the message each piece shares. It teaches me to look beyond the discomfort and to find the silver-lining it is gifting. Once again, I am benefiting not only from the process of creation, but also from reading each finished piece and embracing the message and feeling that it evokes.

Today, I meditate as a quest for words, words to gift clarity and energy. My latest celestial offering is “momentum”. As it popped into my head, I thought yes, this is exactly what I need in my life, momentum. I’m embracing this empowering word through the holidays. It has helped me build positive movement and work through my seasonal blues!

My life continually improves as I engage my creativity. When I choose to write with intent and allow my spirit to express my inner self, it feels like my soul is soaring. It is a true spiritual high unlike anything I’ve felt previously. My thoughts flow more smoothly and I’m able to work through anything that might start simmering inside, journaling, regardless if you’re sharing the message or not, is a healthy outlet.    

It is my hope others find the serenity gifted through writing or any other form of creativity. When you allow yourself a bit of quiet time, you’ll be amazed how your spirit will flow through your fingertips. Give it a try, it is truly life altering!



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About the Author

With 20-years business experience,
Kathryn Williams recreated her career after an Executive, automotive job loss in 2008. Today she works as an artist and author sharing her journey and testimony to the therapeutic powers of Life Healing Arts. Her mission is to empower others coping through hardship by opening their hearts through holistic creative efforts. Her career transition shifted her psyche and filled her spirit in ways she couldn't have imagined. Contact Kathy through her business, Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC, or via email, lifetimeartimpression@yahoo.com. Read her Healthy Living Examiner column. Follow her blog, Inspirations by Kathryn and Tweet her.




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