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Why I Journal
by Glad Doggett



Editor's Note from
Barbara Lazarony: Glad Doggett takes on us on an intimate journey into the precious pages of her personal journal.  Her honest account of why she journals helps to encourage all of us that there no rules as a pen glides across the blank page recording life, love, and everything in between.

Journaling for me is a relationship.

It’s a space where I allow my randomness and quirks out of my head into the light.

My words can be as deep as a puddle or as shallow as a canyon. They are all relevant and important, at least in the moment I write them.  

When I revisit captured moments, I often laugh at the folly of my thinking. What silliness! Who is that worrisome, silly woman with all those woes? 

And other times, my surprise at my own clarity and wisdom takes my breath.

I’ve been a scribbler all my life. My journals have never been limited to merely my deepest thoughts and insights. 

My journals are my friends. And like friends, they are works in progress, flawed, imperfectly perfect. They live and breathe. 

They hold the voice of the “I” that lives within me. They are the repository of her observations, realizations, and examinations.

Within the pages of my journals you might find to-do lists, or notes and ideas I jot down to not forget; you may find doodles of birds or silly faces, or pasted images from magazines. I also tuck away special photographs of my husband and children. 

There is no order and there are no rules. 

On one page you may find a jumble of chaos and confusion. And just one page over, sits a numbered list or a log of my day’s activities. 

My journal is more than a book of words. It’s a suitcase for my soul. It carries fragments of my Self and ideas that matter to me. 

My journal is the sounding board I rely on to keep my secrets, or to remind me to pick up Tide for the laundry.  

Sacred and Mundane. 

Profound and Everyday.

I’m of the mind that there is no wrong way to journal. In spite of the innumerable books or websites that teach the “proper” way to do it, for me the best thing to do is to follow my heart.

Listen to the wisdom that whispers within. 

My journal is my space for personal expression and creativity. It’s not linear or organized in a way that makes sense to anyone but me. 

It’s messy and colorful and conflicted. It contradicts itself in a single breath.

Just like life. Just like me.

And that’s the way I like it.  



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About the Author

Glad Doggett creates online personal development e-courses that connect women to their inner brilliance through self exploration, excavation and expression.  You can find an array of her e-courses at www.return2you.org. She writes regularly about personal development and self discovery at www.bestlaidscheme.com.





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