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Journal Your Way to Refreshment
by Dawn Herring



I love refreshment, and it can come in all sorts of forms and venues. One of my favorites is journaling; it’s one of the first things I do in the morning to get my day off to a fresh start. I use my a.m. journaling time for Morning Pages, that stream of consciousness approach to letting it all out on the page. It releases angst; helps wrap up loose ends from the previous night, and can help me set my goals for the day.

With my journaling process, I can refresh my heart as I write about what I love and how to incorporate those things into my day.

I can refresh my soul as I focus on the positive, healing emotions I want to experience, and on what I can do to trigger those in my actions and plans.

I can refresh my mind by recalling goals I have set for my work, my relationships, and my personal growth, which helps me strategize toward making those things happen.

I can refresh my body by recording how I intend to get my exercise, rest, and those wholesome, nourishing meals my body craves, thus bringing out the importance of these physical essentials for my well being.

I can refresh my perspective concerning conflicts I am currently working through, which will help me determine if I need to restore my personal power and make healthier choices emotionally and relationally.

I can refresh my spirit by connecting with my Creator and my source of Inspiration to help invigorate my sense of purpose, my passions, my inner wisdom, and intuition.

I can refresh my creativity by elaborating on what I learned and experienced with my more artistic pursuits of watercolor, art journaling, and collage, which serves to reinforce my desire to engage in inspiring and energizing activities.

I can refresh my point of view in the evening by wrapping up the day's events, mishaps, surprises, and emotions with the written word. As I take the time to highlight the highs and leverage the lows, it enables me to discern where they came from and how I can initiate more of what works and less of what doesn't. It's also a great way to see what I accomplished and how I accomplished it and then strategize for the next day's work as well as make plans for a passionate, purposeful future.

Whether I write with my dominant or non-dominant hand, write a list, answer a question, expound on a dream in vivid detail, jot down a spiritual text that inspires me, or pursue my passions, journaling applies to every facet of life and can help give me a fresh perspective in all of life's dimensions.

It can do the same for you.

And there is no wrong way to journal. Just your way. With consistent, regular entries, you can use journaling as a catalyst toward helping you make healthier, more peaceful choices for yourself and your life in this new year.



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About the Author

Dawn Herring is an avid journal keeper and host of her weekly #JournalChat Live every Thursday at 5 EST/2 PST and her daily Links Edition for all things journaling on Twitter. She is also a freelance writer, blogger, artist, mom, grandma, and cat owner. She promotes refreshment and positive change in all of life's dimensions on her blog, Refresh with Dawn Herring, and in her weekly Refresh Journal which highlights journaling links and refreshing tips for work, home, kids, and yourself. She enjoys working with collage, art journaling, and watercolor in her creative time.




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