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Develop a Creative Source in Therapeutic Writing From Our Positive and Negative Self
by Marc Lerner




Editor's Note: Who are you? I am "Lovingly Connected Libby!" Please share your positive self statement in the comment section below.


In creative writing, creativity bubbles up like air bubbles coming to the surface of the water. Our creative source comes from a depth in the silence beyond our thinking mind. In this article, I want to connect you to a self-image that is harmonious with the wisdom of your body. From this depth comes the creativity that is essential in therapeutic writing.


The first step to tap this creativity is to develop the habit that controls your self-image.


Identifying Your Positive Self and Your Negative Self Technique


Answer these questions with candid first impressions. It is important to record your answers be¬cause it will help you take a step back and review later.


Step One: Think of a goal, one that you can really put your heart into, then let that goal slip into the back¬ground and this technique will show you what part of you has that goal-- you’re Positive or you’re Negative Self.


Step two: We will first connect to the negative part of you. This is the self-image created by your past conditioning. Think of the worst personal experience you can remember, for that experience helps you to connect to your Negative Self. Capture that negative experience in a word or a phrase and record it.




Step three: Describe how you feel when you experience this negative feeling in two ways.


1_______________________________ 2_______________________________


Step four: Think of all of these words or phrases, and put them together to give a creative nickname to your Negative Self. What would you call that character?




Now let’s create your Positive Self; the part of you that was created from times where you were connected to and manifested your powerful inner resources. This is the wisdom of your body.


Step one: Recall the best moment you have had and capture that experience in a word or a phrase




Step two: Think of two ways this experience makes you feel and express those feelings in a word or a phrase.




Step three: Now give a creative nickname to your Positive Self. What would you call that character?




Step four: State the name of your Positive Self in an “I Am Statement”.


I am _____________________ (use your Positive Self’s nickname)


Step five: While saying the “I Am Statement”, imagine your Positive Self. Then breathe into your Positive Self as if your breath gives it life and then let images bubble up in your mind of times that you connected to your Positive Self. This is an important habit to develop; it becomes a shortcut to connect to the wis¬dom of your body.


Once you develop your negative self, which represents all your past conditioning, you can write to your positive self, which represents your deepest wisdom. This simple writing exercise is like having a personal therapist with you every step of your challenge. Once this becomes a habit, you can do this exercise in your head at any time.


©2012 Marc Lerner and Life Skills Institute



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About the Author


Marc Lerner, the President of Life Skills Institute, has worked since 1982 with people in a health struggle. Author of A HEALTHY WAY TO BE SICK, which teaches you how to consciously create yourself in the midst of a health challenge. Marc hosted the internet radio show, A Healthy Way to be Sick. Go to: http://lifeskillsinc.com to listen to all archived shows and read an overview of his work.

Marc has had MS since 1981 and has expert author status at Ezine.com, with 80+ articles published on health and fitness. Read his blog at http://thelifeskillsaproach.com and follow him on Twitter http://Twitter.com/MarcLerner




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