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 Creating a Sacred Life; An Audio Interview with Dana Reynolds Hosted

by Ruth Folit, Founder of the International Association of Journal Writers







Editor's Note from Barbara Lazarony: Sibyl “Dana” Reynolds teaches each of us how to begin to create a sacred life by integrating a spiritual life with every day moments. She shares that her personal relationship with “illness was a kind of sacred alchemy.” As a journal writer since a young age, she found herself questioning on the page what the illness was trying to teach her as well as how she could incorporate this experience into her life and share it with others. What came to her was the idea for The Sacred Life- Artisan’s Book of Wonderment; an online independent class she developed so others could create their own visual forms of inspiration, guidance, and prayer in times of need. The class holds within it Seven Facets of Illumination; seven simple practices that you can weave into your life to unite the spiritual life with every day moments. Consider sharing the gift of transformation with yourself and others by reading more about Dana’s work here.


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About Dana Reynolds

Dana Reynolds is a Spiritual Director, Writer/Artist and Founder of Sacred Life-Arts. She nurtures connections between soul work and creative expression. For the past twenty years, Dana has been a facilitator for the feminine spiritual/creative process. She is passionate about the importance of themes drawn from her study and research of the lives of medieval women including; pilgrimage, monasticism, art, craft, and mysticism.

Dana encourages creative expression through journal-keeping and writing.  She is the author of: Be An Angel,(Simon & Schuster, 1994), and the soon to be published novel, Ink and Honey. Her essay Visual Prayers is included in the anthology, Our Turn, Our Time: Women Truly Coming of Age, (Beyond Words Publishing, 2000).

Ordained in the Catholic tradition, and now serving in ministry as a Pastoral Associate for Spiritual  Development, Dana offers methods to enrich spirituality and daily life through prayer, journaling, contemplative devotion, and sacred ritual. She is featured in director Jules Hart’s recent documentary, Pink Smoke Over the Vatican, a film about the ordination of women in the Catholic Church.

A Masters Degree of Theology in Pastoral Ministry, training as a Spiritual Director, and background in Religious Studies and Visual Arts are foundational for her Sacred Life-Artisan online classes. The importance of pilgrimage as a theme for the spiritual journey has inspired her to lead groups to Chartres Cathedral and sacred places in the natural world.

A sensuist, Dana, incorporates an appreciation for the six senses into her teaching and spiritual direction practice. She believes taste, touch, smell, hearing, sight, and intuition are conduits to the Divine and portals to the sacred imagination. The three varying facets of her passion and experience; the value of ancient mystical wisdom, the merging of spirituality with everyday life, and the importance of creative expression, yield inspiration for the human spirit throughout her work.

Dana is a council member of the International Association of Journal writers, and a faculty member of Global Ministries University where she is a mentor the Master of Theology in Sacred Arts Degree program.

A mother and a grandmother, Dana’s interests include photography, needlearts, and the study of iconography.  She lives with her husband near the sea in California.

You may contact Dana at Dana@SacredLifeArts.com.




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