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This is Organic: Five Favorite Products to Help Go Organic
by Susan Lutz, ATH Co-Editor of Organic Living


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Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: I am constantly amazed at the array of organic products becoming available on the market. It's exciting to see that "organic" is loosing the label as alternative and instead becoming a normal, preferred way of life. From top to bottom, from pests to pets, we can all go more natural and chemical free. Price can still be an issue with a few items but adding a product here and there can be a way to ease into the sytem.
Overall, my favorite organic products are those we find we've already got in our own homes -  like baking soda. With some ingenuity and forethought we can save a few bucks, help the planet deal with polluting packaging, and then perhaps be able to afford that fluffy, organic, chew toy for Rover.

Organic Mattress: It's said we spend a 1/3 of our life sleeping. Imagine how many particles of inorganic chemicals we're breathing every night. Where you rest might be a great place to control more of your environment. Wouldn't you rather snuggle up to organic cotton or wool? An example of an organic mattress can be found at Janice's . However, there's no need to stop at the mattress. The entire bed can be an organic haven complete with pillows, sheets, and covers. It'll make counting sheep so much easier and that much better for you and the planet.

Organic Mosquito Repellant: Bugged out this summer? There's no question DEET - the chemical used by many major brands of mosquito repellants - works. But at what price? Mosquitos are a pesky problem, and the use of harsh, chemical-laden sprays and lotions will eventually take a toll on the liver in the detoxication process. We also must not forget that choosing chemicals also means supporting a system that makes our planet more toxic. Not only do we have to manufature it, we have to dispose of it. I've fought back many mosquito climates and swear the alternatives work. The only difference is use it often as the natural scent will wear off. A few good examples I like are Bite Blocker or Burt's Bees Herbal Insect Repellent, which just smells so yummy it's kind of nice to dab a little on even when there isn't a mosquito in sight!

Organic Pet Toys:
We just can't leave our pets out of the organic revolution! Sure most of might know organic pet food is available, but did you know you can get organic chew toys? A favortive I've found is by Simply Fido. It's a plush bone that is great for a puppy's chewing stage or a larger dogs comfort toy. In the case of the my dogs, which were more like the "Marley and Me" kind, it helps become a safe alterantive to chewing the couch to bits. SimplyFido sights the fact that by adding pets to our organic list in the home, we do that much more for the environment. It adds up. With 43 million households in the U.S. alone owning dogs, it can make a big difference.

Organic Shoes: Shoes seems a natural step in going organic. There are those that might argue leather as a "lesser" organic product; now it is possible to even find vegan, organic shoes. Mahalo shoes says its organic line gives a more natural way to put one foot in front of the other. When going barefoot might not be a good option, organic shoes are perhaps the next best choice.

Organic Teeth Whitener:
Right in your own cupboard are quick, affordable, and easy ways to whiten your teeth. Teeth whitening methods can contain lots of chemicals including bleach. Sometimes making decisions under the glaring light of the dentist's chair with all those sharp instruments nearby is not the best place to decide on what to do with stained, yellowed teeth. A good place to start the decision making process is at home. Baking soda, lemons, and orange rinds rank as a good place to start getting a brighter smile. Other tips are changing a few habits like drinking staining beverages such as coffee and red wine; using a straw; eating more crunchy vegetables; and simply rinsing with water after you've indulged in any of those darker drinks. What better way to avoid a the dentist chair than taking charge of more health care righ in your own home? Then, if you still can't do without that super-pearly white smile, at least you've gone in informed and instilled with a few more healthy, organic lifestyle choices.


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About the Author

Susan Lutz, ATH Co-Editor of Organic Living, has practiced organic living and gardening for over 20 years. She credits a whole, organic lifestyle to dramatic healing results in the health of her family, which includes her son with special needs. Susan is a writer, radio producer and film maker living in Costa Rica.


She’s written a new visual media book called: The Paradox of Paradise: A Woman’s Journey to a Place called Heaven on Earth. The book maybe seen at www.theparadoxofparadise.com.

Her film, The Coffee Dance, will be available for distribution soon. A trailer maybe be seen at 


Visit her website: www.motherjungle.com






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