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The Truth About Vitamins & Supplements
by Ronnie Cummins, National Director, OCA



The Organic Consumers Association is proud to announce a new nationwide campaign called Nutri-Con:  The Down Side of the Vitamin & Supplement Industry.  Nutri-Con will expose the hazards and limited effectiveness of synthetic vitamins & supplements, & strive to create mass consumer awareness & marketplace demand for truly organic, "naturally occurring" vitamins, botanicals & supplements.

Part of this campaign will be the implementation of a new set of Naturally Occurring Standards (NOS), certification procedures, and labels which are truly "organic and beyond," and to expose the fact that 90% or more of the vitamins and supplements now on the market labeled as "natural" or "food based" actually are spiked with synthetic chemicals.

A major underlying theme of this campaign will be to steadily inform and remind consumers that Big Pharma's prescription and over the counter drugs are generally hazardous substances offering no real solution to our health problems; while preventive health and wellness promotion, traditional holistic remedies, and complementary medicine practices represent the "organic road" to health.

In terms of wellness promotion, there is no doubt that an organic whole foods-based diet and a healthy lifestyle are the "best medicine" for those of us trying to survive and keep our families healthy in the toxic soup of 100,000 synthetic chemicals that surround us everyday, polluting our food, water, medicines, homes, and environment.

As we complement our organic whole foods-based diet with herbs and supplements, we need to make sure that these vitamins and botanicals are derived from naturally occurring plant and mineral sources, and that they contain no synthetic chemicals whatsoever.

As part of this campaign, OCA will be posting an eye-opening new book, The Vitamin Myth Exposed, by Brian Clement of the Hippocrates Health Institute, in several installments.
(Read the Prologue & Chapter 1) This book is nothing less than the opening salvo in a campaign that OCA believes will revolutionize the $20 billion vitamin and supplements industry. OCA sees this effort as part of our ongoing efforts to establish and safeguard strict organic standards in food and farming, clothing, body care, and other important consumer sectors.

We invite you to please circulate The Vitamin Myth Exposed widely to friends and family, and to talk to your local natural foods store or coop about joining forces with the OCA in this important new campaign.

For Health and an Organic Future, Ronnie Cummins.



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About the Author


Ronnie Cummins of the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) has spent a lifetime as a professional activist. Since getting his start in anti-war activism in 1967, he has dabbled in the "human rights, anti-nuclear, labor, consumer, and sustainable agriculture" movements. He's the Executive Director of the Organic Consumers Association; former director of Jeremy Rifkin's Beyond Beef Campaign & Pure Food Campaign; the author of books on Central American culture; and co-author of Genetically-Engineered Foods: A Self-Defense Guide for Consumers.



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