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Start a New Year Going Organic: Top Five Ways to Make a Positive Impact for the New Year
by Susan Lutz,

ATH Co-Editor of Organic Living


Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: Pick a few; try your favorites. This year, go organic by one small act or a big change. You choose; you change yourself and the world.

1. Shop local: Going organic is a path that leads in many directions. Not every product can be organic; however, more products can be chosen to lessen our environmental impact. Shopping local does that. Much of the time you can find organic and local. Plus supporting local farmers and products is a choice that cuts down on a negative environmental impact.

2. Choose Non-GMO. THEY say we the consumers dictate what is on our shelves. If we ignore this practice, it will creep into our lives in a way we may never be able to reverse.

3. Walk. Why is this on the organic list? What's more gorgeously organic than putting one foot in front of the other with family, friends, a pet, or ourselves after dinner or at the break of dawn, or on our lunch break?

4. Plant Something Green - Or red or purple or orange. Plants have a way of begging to be shared and enjoyed. Digging in the dirt and nurture the growing process is a joy to teach children (of all ages!).

5. Leave Life Better than the Way you Found It. This little motto can change a littered park bench to a clean spot for an elderly person or a breastfeeding mother to sit. An organic life means reconnecting to the energy that the planet meant for us to have and enjoy. So, look around for the biggest and littlest of things that can help make your space/our planet a bit better than how we found it. Nurture tainted, suffocating soil back to health could be a great spring project; fixing one organic meal a week will bring change in your family's diet; or offering to help clean up a park one day a month could change the lives of many. Every chance we have to share brings us closer to peace.



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About the Author

ATH Editor of Organic Living. Susan has practiced organic living and gardening for almost 30 years. She credits a whole, organic lifestyle to dramatic healing results in the health of her family. Susan is a writer, filmmaker, and photographer.

She was recently awarded The Pollination Project Grant for her film, The Coffee Dance - a documentary exploring issues such as social justice, the arts, and raising awareness in the way we choose our food such as Fair Trade.


Follow her writings of humor, life, and organic, real-living with her family on her website No More Nice Girl or on Facebook or other websites.  


No More Nice Girl on Facebook

The Coffee Dance

The Coffee Dance on Facebook

Contact Susan at: susan@allthingshealing.com




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