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Spread that Holiday Joy the Organic Way
by Susan Lutz,
ATH Co-Editor of Organic Living



Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: A gentle way to break family and friends into the organic "way" could be to surprise them with a lovely organic gift. Jamming organic down our loved-ones throats doesn't work. (Trust me, I've tried!) However, a groovy gift could kick off a thing or two. Give these ideas a try. You might find a way to unwrap a few smiles.


Search no more! Finding it hard to find the perfect organic gift? There are five simple, yet interesting, things you can consider for holiday the season. Some will astound; some will be profound; some will fill bring joy to the toughest to please. Browse the selection and see if one will fill your holiday stocking of ideas.

 * Got to love my sunshine. Sunshine is the number one organic commodity! What better way to plug in than with the power of the sun! Plug into a new way of life with the Solar Goose iPhone and iPad Charger. A little energy consciousness, if we all try, goes a long way.
 * Give so much more than for just a day. Why not give organic for the next six months in a tasty treat? In season fruits and nuts are sent can arrive for months to come, and you'll be thought of every time the delivery comes to the door.
 * Organic Gift Baskets: Running out of time? Ideas? This organic idea can help you create a basket of organic goodies. With a bit more time, this is an idea easily done in your own natural food store. Pick up a basket at a second hand store (or re-use one you have around the house. Line the inside with piece of fabric or decorate with ribbon and a bone. Wander the isles of your favorite organic store and fill with delights. The holiday basket never disappoints.
 * Go Up a Notch and Buy Fair Trade. Purchasing Fair Trade products and organic brings the holiday to the next level. This adorable mobile for the baby's crib not only brightens the baby's day, but also brings an income to a struggling family.
 * Holiday's Got You Stressed? Why not check out these (almost free) fun Christmas gift ideas. Print some silly "door hangers." And of course, there is always room for the good-'ol coffee mug and t-shirt. Those will never go out of style!



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About the Author

Susan Lutz, ATH Co-Editor of Organic Living, has practiced organic living and gardening for over 20 years. She credits a whole, organic lifestyle to dramatic healing results in the health of her family, which includes her son with special needs. Susan is a writer, radio producer and film maker living in Costa Rica.


She’s written a new visual media book called: The Paradox of Paradise: A Woman’s Journey to a Place called Heaven on Earth. The book maybe seen at www.theparadoxofparadise.com.

Her film, The Coffee Dance, will be available for distribution soon. A trailer maybe be seen at 


Visit her website: www.motherjungle.com





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