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Organic and Children's Health
by Susan Lutz,
ATH Co-Editor of Organic Living



Organic is an important ingredient in my son's life. life. Born with Down sydrome, he is an extra sensitive digestive system. I try to keep the use and exposure of conventional, non-organic food and subtances out of our diet and reach. Though very challenging to have every bite of food that goes into his mouth be organic, I try to buy as much local and organic as possible.

For example, looking over the list of pesticides in wheat is a mouthful. I can't pronounce any of them. According to What's on My Food, up to sixteen pesiticides can be found on conventionally grown wheat. The site also provides information for what pesticides, including estimates on environmental impact, is on food from applesause to eggs to peaches to sweet potatoes.

Every child deserves food that provides the highest form of health. Special needs children often are extra sensitive. Allergies and digestive problems can flare up. Pesticide Action Network, PAN, lists ways to keep all children safe from pesticides not only in food but on the playground and to our homes, schools, and even public policy.

Starting every child out on a diet based firmly in organic food will enhance growth and developement. For a child with special needs, it will not only enhance growth, but it is a critical addition to the lifestyle of the child.



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About the Author

ATH Editor of Organic Living. Susan has practiced organic living and gardening for almost 30 years. She credits a whole, organic lifestyle to dramatic healing results in the health of her family. Susan is a writer, filmmaker, and photographer.

She was recently awarded The Pollination Project Grant for her film, The Coffee Dance - a documentary exploring issues such as social justice, the arts, and raising awareness in the way we choose our food such as Fair Trade.


Follow her writings of humor, life, and organic, real-living with her family on her website No More Nice Girl or on Facebook or other websites.  


No More Nice Girl on Facebook

The Coffee Dance

The Coffee Dance on Facebook

Contact Susan at: susan@allthingshealing.com




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