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Food Choices and their Effects on the Body
by Candace Carter Williams


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Finding non-biased information is really difficult. Many people feel very strongly about their food choices and I find that much of what they share says more about their own attachments to personal ideologies than anything else. In addition, it's difficult to find research that isn't slanted - or, sometimes, when I really dig around, I find that one body of research is being used to support completely opposing stances!

It comes down to your own body and your own experience.

I have pretty much tried it all: raw, vegan, vegetarian, heavy on the protein, light on the protein, etc..

What I've come away with after all these years is that I must follow my instincts. I'm a parent - so that adds a whole new spin on food! My children have different body chemistries than me, and I need to allow for their emerging instincts as well.

I have let go of my dictorial ways of old regarding diet, and have distilled what I feel works best into a short list:

* Avoid processed foods.

* Eat as much organic and locally grown food as possible.

* Grow as much of my own food as I can.

* Find high quality protein sources.

* Drink plenty of purified water.

I have no advice for anyone other than to try to follow your own instincts.



I have found some fairly balanced information at
You may enjoy browsing through the
book review section.

Years ago I read
Become Younger by Norman Walker and found it an awesome introduction to how the body processes foods.  With the bazillion other books that have come out since I've not come upon anything better.

Oh, and I really enjoyed
Nick's Magnetic Diet
It has some great info, and let's face it, the proof is in the pudding! (his look)



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Find out more about Candace Carter Willimas at her Gaia Community Profile.






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