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Why should you support a university in Costa Rica?
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Environmental, financial and political problems in countries and regions worldwide have a tremendous global impact, spreading their reach farther than ever before.

EARTH University
responds to these problems by:

*Educating leaders who bring consensus, cooperation and innovative strategies to the worldwide issues of poverty and poor resource management that will eventually impact all of us. Since the early 1990s, nearly 1,300 ethical entrepreneurs have graduated from EARTH with the requisite knowledge and training to effect change in the environment and create strong, sustainable agribusinesses


*Recruiting the best and brightest students from rural and economically challenged communities. Only 1 in 10 applicants is admitted to EARTH.

*Returning students to their home countries to share their knowledge of innovative, sustainable agricultural techniques, ethical business practices and strong values learned at EARTH. Nearly 20 countries have been affected by EARTH graduates' education in environmental sustainability, profitability and productivity, ethical values and social commitment.


Already, the significance of the University's mission is extending beyond the humid tropics.

It is now recognized that the powerful agents of change cultivated at EARTH are needed to respond to concerns throughout the world, not just Latin America. For that reason, EARTH now accepts students from Africa and Asia.

By giving to EARTH...


*YOU are helping people help themselves.

*YOU help bring change where it is needed most in the         world.

*YOU offer young, deserving leaders the chance to make a     difference, not only in their native country, but also in the       entire global community.

*YOU invest not only in the dreams and hopes of young leaders worldwide, but also in the     future of generations to come.


Please consider making a meaningful contribution to support scholarships at EARTH, where 50 percent of students require full scholarships and 30 percent more receive partial aid? Sustainable, long-term solutions to the problems of the impoverished parts of the world are within their reach. Help these student leaders change our world. Contribute here.

The Board of Trustees
EARTH University Foundation


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