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What Everyone Should Have in a Home Pharmacy
by Terr Fong, ND


Editor's Note from Julie Lachman: A good friend and colleague of mine, Dr. Fong has some simple products you'll want to keep on hand for a variety of common concerns, including first aid.

1. Activated charcoal:  You definitely want to keep some handy in case you happen to ingest something that is harmful such as poison. You also want to keep it handy in case you eat something and it just doesn't agree with you. Sometimes we ingest chemicals in processed foods such as propylene glycol, often found in frozen yogurts and softserve ice cream, which is actually the same chemical found in anti-freeze. Activated charcoal binds the harmful chemicals. This is a must have product if you have small children that may accidently ingest something that they should not. It comes in capsule form.
2. Castor oil: *WARNING* this should NOT be ingested or used over open skin. Castor oil is great to bring down inflammation. If you've got aches and pains you can always rub the oil into the affected area, apply a heating pad to the area for at least 15 minutes (up to 1 hour). Heat drives the castor oil deeper into the body. I love castor oil packs and use them daily over my abdomen. It not only calms me down but I know that it is helping my body detoxify at the same time. It works great on cysts, ligament tears, sprain, and strains. Castor oil works great for children with upset stomachs.
3. Rescue Remedy: This is a product made by Bach, an expert on homeopathy. This product is made of flower essences that are known to calm the emotions and physical body after trauma and injury.  After an accident or a fall, we often go into shock.  This product can help you to think clearly and act responsively and allow the body to start healing in a proper way, right away. Take it with you hiking, biking, or anywhere you might encounter a stressful experience...this means even at work!  This is also a great remedy for children who may have undergone some tough situations or are sensitive.
4. Probiotics: Many people think that eating yogurt is a good way to get probiotics. This is true but what you need to know is how much you are actually getting and what strains. Different age groups need different strains. Different strains are more prominent in certain parts of the body.  This is something I can help you determine depending on your situation. Keep a lactobacillus and bifidobacteria form on hand. If you are sick with a virus, bacterial infection, or ate something questionable at a picnic and now have digestive upset you want to take a high dose of probiotics of at least 100 billion to 500 billion (not million) microorganisms. A good product needs to be refrigerated (since they are alive). 
5. Yunnan PaiYao: This is a trick I learned in medical school. Its used so much its almost never in stock when I need it. This is a great medicine for those with an ulcer or internal bleed. What it does is coagulate the blood or helps form a scar. A great use is to sprinkle it over scrapes and over clean open wounds and its stops the bleeding almost immediately.



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About the Author

Dr. Fong offers state of the art testing, individualized therapies, and integrative technologies for many health concerns.  She also offers programs for detoxification, preconception planning, and integrative mental health solutions. She has published research on the topics of chronic illness, chemical sensitivities and chronic fatigue syndrome, and multiple sclerosis.

Dr. Fong believes that everyone’s experience of health is unique and thus sees you as an individual and not your disease.  A true transformation of health does not occur magically or overnight—and thus achieving optimal wellness requires active participation and a long-term commitment from both the patient and the doctor. She is offering consultations for people nationwide or in her new Scottsdale location.




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