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Sounds True Music Review: Songs of Tara
by Melinda Wilson, MT-BC



“Song of Tara: Devotional Music to the Goddess of Liberation” is an album that honors the “Mother of all the Buddhas,” and includes both traditional and modern rendition of mantras dedicated to this celebrated deity. A collection of artists from Tibetan Buddhist linage and the Western New Age music genre have come together to create a compilation of gentle, meditative songs that can be paired with devotion and prayer, or simply listened to for enjoyment within a reflective personal space.

Traditionally, when chanting in devotion to Tara within a formal practice, it is customary for the devotee to mentally approach Tara as a student does a teacher. The devotee can visualize a light streaming from Tara's forehead, heart, and throat, which moves slowly and gracefully forward to merge with their own being. This devotional meditation is meant to create a vision of peace that reinforces the comforting compassion and wisdom that Tara traditionally represents.

Each of the songs from this album have been selected from previously released albums. Although the songs are taken from a variety of albums, they seem to be carefully arranged to create a gentle sonic journey that create a beautiful soundscape for sacred and healing moments. All the songs on the album seem to create a personal invitation to slow the chattering mind and find a sense of peace and quite. For some, the album may promote a sense of feeling enveloped by a compassionate and comforting presence.

The album is sure to please fans of artists such as: Wah!, Nawang Khechog, His Holiness the Dali Lama, Her Eminence Jamyang Sakya, Bhakta, Deva Premal and the Gyuto Monks. “Songs of Tara: Devotional Music to the Goddess of Liberation,” may also please individuals who enjoy listening to exotic instruments such as: persian violin, Bansuri flute, shruti box, klongyaw, ankle bells, tabla, and more. Beyond the instruments and the artists, the album is sure to please those interested in listening to  over an hours worth of devotional songs dedicated to the Green Tara who is said to help those in need, and White Tara who offers blessing of longevity. The album seems to primarily appeal to individuals who have an appreciation for this compassionate bodhisattva, known in Tibet as “She Who Liberates.”



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About the Author


Melinda Wilson, MT-BC is a board certified music therapist specialized in providing music therapy services for children with special needs. She has several years of experience providing one-on-one, home and/or school-based music therapy interventions for children with developmental disabilities (such as autism spectrum disorders, Down syndrome, etc) and chronic illnesses within the Greater Los Angeles area.

Besides her work as a traveling music therapist within her private practice, Sunshine Music Time, Melinda teaches early childhood music classes in preschools and community recreation centers in the Greater Los Angeles area.


Topanga, California USA




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