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A Conversation With...Dorinne S. Davis,

President and Founder of The Davis Center, Succasunna, NJ

Interviewed by Bernice Chu, ATH Co-Editor of
Music Therapy and Sound Healing





Dorinne S. Davis

President and Founder of The Davis Center

Hello Everyone! I’m Sherri Carter, Supervising Editor for All Things Healing. Thank you so much for joining us! With me today is Music Therapist and Co-Editor Bernice Chu, who will be interviewing our guest, Dorinne Davis, the President and Co-founder of The Davis Center. Dorinne is an international speaker, expert and author of 5 books related to Sound Therapy. Her latest book is The Cycle of Sound: A Missing Energetic Link, which introduces a new subtle energy system and Ototoning. Her center, The Davis Center, is considered the world’s premier sound therapy center and Ms. Davis is recognized as the world’s leading sound-based therapist.  She has worked with thousands of people, young and old, making changes with their response to sound using sound-based therapies.  Her Davis Model of Sound Intervention has become a foundational approach to helping the body make appropriate change with sound-based therapies.

So, welcome! At this point I’m going to turn the interview over to Bernice and Dorinne!

Bernice Chu: Thank you Sherri and welcome again to our listeners. Hi Dorrine thanks for joining us today.

Dorinne Davis: Thank you I’m glad to be here.

Bernice Chu: I thought we would start off with the basics for anyone who might be unfamiliar with the topic. What is sound based therapy?

"Sound based therapy is using sound wave energy forms, so picture in your mind waves of sound moving outward."

Dorinne Davis: Sound based therapy is using sound wave energy forms, so picture in your mind waves of sound moving outward. The important difference is that it uses very specific equipment and special programming. It will use modified music, it can use tones or beats, and everything is individualized. But what is very important, it starts with a test battery that determines if, when, how long, and in what order all of the very many different existing sound based therapies can be used to make change. So it's different than sound healing and it’s different than generalized sound therapy; it is a very specific subset called sound based therapy.

Bernice Chu: Very interesting. How did you get interested in sound based therapy?

Dorinne Davis: Well, it's been an evolution of my life and in the book that Sherri just introduced us, The Cycle of Sound: A Missing Energetic Link, I share some of how I must have been drawn to this work since… childhood. But, I became an audiologist, I was also a deaf educator, and my specialty had always been in education and rehabilitation audiology. I was in a school system for 25 years working with education and audiology combined, and one of my specialties back then was in middle ear infections for children and the educational implications of them. Then in 1992, when I was consulting with a school for autistic children, somebody invited me to go get trained in this sound based therapy, (as they’re now known) coming over from France. I questioned it, I actually said no… I didn’t think I wanted to, but they convinced me to go and I’m so glad they did because I came away knowing that this is exciting, its different, and I’m now credentialed in 21 of them. I just got credentialed in my 21st one recently. And as I began an evolution of learning what they were doing, how they were working, and why they seem to be impacting the body over the last 20 years, it has become an evolution for me into what is now known as The Davis Model of Sound Intervention. So it’s been my life, it seems like.

Bernice Chu: Hmm yep. So what is The Davis Model of Sound Intervention?

"I’m about using the best approaches to change the resonance and the frequencies of the body and the balance and the harmony of the voice, the ear, and the brain to keep your body whole and functioning."

Dorinne Davis: The way I have made it evolve into this process is founded in three things. One is that there appears to be a subtle energy system that exists between your voice, your ear, and your brain. It has probably been known about, but never identified, for thousands of years. We seem to use a lot of things, which we can still talk about within this voice, ear and brain connection. It's substantiated by five laws, three of them are long standing laws of about 50-60 years by Dr. Alfred Tomatis, whom I consider to be the founder of sound based therapies. Originally he discovered that your voice produces what your ear hears [and] if you reintroduce the correcting sound to your ear, your voice regains what we call coherence. And the other two laws are my laws that I presented over 8 years ago to our Acoustical Society of America, where I measured the output of the ear. Believe it or not we do give out a sound with our ear, and I correlated the irregular patterns coming from your ear with your irregular patterns in your voice and found always at least one particular frequency that was out of balance. And again, if your reintroduce those correcting frequencies to your ear, your voice regains stability or coherence, and your brain supports the body and its overall wellness. So that’s one piece of The Davis Model. The second is that every cell in your body resonates its own particular frequency, gives out and takes in its own particular frequency, and those sounds have been correlated to your voice. That was substantiated with research, even though we seem to have known about it for years, by a researcher from UCLA and he published that in 2004. So that was good that it was there.  The third part is the way that I look at the ear because, even though I’m an audiologist and I know the ear is our hearing mechanism, I now look at the ear as your global sensory processor because of sound wave stimulation and not so much hearing stimulation. Hearing is an ear function, but sound understanding is really a brain function in the way that I look at it.

So you have these three pieces of The Davis Model but the whole thing could not be useable without something to pull it together called the Tree of Sound Enhancement Therapy, which is the flow chart, the developmental flow chart, for the correct administration of any of the various sound based therapies that do exist. I’m not about these particular methods; I’m about using the best approaches to change the resonance and the frequencies of the body and the balance and the harmony of the voice, the ear, and the brain to keep your body whole and functioning. So, that's how I put this all together and it seems to be working.

Bernice Chu: That's great. Who can be helped with sound based therapy?

Dorinne Davis: Well the exciting thing is…anyone. Because I work with people of all ages and all issues, the reason why I can say anyone is because I’m not looking at disorders. While I have helped people with all types of disorders, like for example, I have helped numerous people who are on the autism spectrum. Originally about 60% of my population was on the autism spectrum. I have helped learning challenges and various types of wellness, imbalances, stroke, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, but I don't address those disorders. I take the person’s frequencies and/or the way they are balancing themselves between the voice, the ear, and the brain. So everyone is an individual resonating entity and I just look to balance them. I can make major change in people and sometimes it takes me a longer time to make that change, but we can support anyone through any issue.

Bernice Chu: That is great. And just before we go, I’d like to ask you about your new book, The Cycle of Sound: A Missing Energetic Link. What are the main ideas introduced within this book?

Dorinne Davis: Well I’m very excited about that book and I just found out the other day that it won an award under the 2012 USA Book Awards. I was a finalist in the Health, Alternative Medicine Category so that was very exciting to know that. I think this book is revolutionary. It finally shares with the world that we have a brand new subtle energy system called The Voice-Ear-Brain Connection and it talks about the importance of it. But it also introduces a concept called “Ototoning”, from my work with the sound coming out of the ear. I feel that you can find your key note, or your sound note and be able to then tone the sound that your body wants, at that moment in time, back into the body so that you can try to balance your own wellness. It's a way of supporting you in a self-healing process and I think it really lays the foundation for a lot of possible research as we move forward and try to bring this into everyday lives. And I picture it as being, sound as the medicine of the future as so many people have said. You know, 20 years from now I can see that this book will have had the opportunity to introduce and then have people use the processes within it.

Sherri Carter: Thanks to both of you! What a wonderful conversation this has been! Readers and listeners, you can find out more about Dorinne Davis by visiting www.thedaviscenter.com where you can also purchase any of her books, including her latest book The Cycle of Sound: A Missing Energetic Link.

Thank you so much for being here. Take care!



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About Dorinne S. Davis

Dorinne Davis, MA, CCC-A, FAAA, RCTC, BARA, is the President/Founder of The Davis Center, Succasunna, NJ.  She is the author of 5 books: The Cycle of Sound: A Missing Energetic Link, (Introducing a new subtle energy system and Ototoning) Sound Bodies through Sound Therapy® (hailed as the primer for all sound therapies), Every Day A Miracle: Success Stories with Sound Therapy® (16 heartwarming stories of sound therapy successes), Otitis Media: Coping With The Effects In The Classroom (A teacher’s compendium of classroom activities and responses), and A Parent’s Guide to Middle Ear Infections (An informational book for parents).  She has demonstrated the scientific principles behind the Voice-Ear-Brain Connection in The Davis Addendum® to The Tomatis Effect, and established The Tree of Sound Enhancement Therapy® from which her Diagnostic Evaluation for Therapy Protocol (DETP®) provides the correct administration of any sound-based therapy.  Ms. Davis is credentialed in 20 different sound-based therapies and her background as an audiologist, educator and sound therapist provides the foundation to The Davis Center’s unique “Total Person” approach.  The Davis Center is considered the world’s premier sound therapy center and Ms. Davis is recognized as the world’s leading sound-based therapist.


Learn more about Dorinne S. Davis



About The Davis Center

The Davis Center is the most comprehensive sound therapy center in the world and uses a unique Diagnostic Evaluation for Therapy Protocol (DETP)to  identify core issues in the areas of learning, development and wellness for people of all ages.  We offer remedial and/ or enhancement therapies that address challenges related to Autism, ADD, ADHD, APD, Apraxia, Dyslexia, Hyperlexia, Downs Syndrome, Williams Syndrome, learning disabilities, central auditory processing (CAPD), other minor learning / attention / focus related skills, and health and wellness issues. The President and Founder, Dorinne Davis MA, CCC-A, FAAA, RCTC, BARA, whose 40 years experience as an Educational and Rehabilitative Audiologist provides the foundation for the center's distinctive focus and evaluative capabilities and is the only person certified in all the major sound therapies.www.thedaviscenter.com



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