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This Book is Cool… Becoming Real: Harnessing the Power of Menopause for Health and Success
by Rose Kumar, MD
Reviewed by Eden Kozlowski,

ATH Co-Editor of Meditation


Yeah, this book is indeed a cool read for women of every age. Each piece of it is essentially about gaining more awareness… and that is a word that I attempt to completely harness into my day-to-day experience. Dr. Kumar’s “awareness” is delivering her truth about the shifts within a woman’s body, sick care versus health care, treatment of the feminine within health care and the bigger picture regarding our female relationship to food and the love/hate of our bodies.

As the title of the book states – the main communication point is about seeing the midlife process differently. Ok, so yes, I am a woman… therefore this topic spoke to me because at some point this will be a direct part of my experience. What I enjoyed so much was getting an advanced preview of what midlife could be versus what everyone says it is… “going downhill.” I now see it as an incredible opportunity to learn and deepen myself. And, that’s the kinda opportunity I can choose to thrive in.

Dr. Kumar also shares great information regarding perimenopause and menopause in terms of integrative care. She speaks of a whole body methodology utilizing food, energy work, hormone balancing, exercise, vitamins, flower essence therapy, reiki – to assist in the process. If you are using synthetic hormones, I highly encourage you to read her words and hear her precautions.

I’m going to leave you with three of my favorite quotes from the book. And, as with everything – use her words as an opportunity to maybe shift your thinking or broaden your perspective.

   1. “American’s have a dysfunctional relationship with food. It is not considered integral to health. Food is not valued by our health care system. It is not seen as a form of art or nourishment. It is not central to our time together at the dinner table…In addition; eating is a highly charged emotional issue for us. Our focus is on dieting, not nourishment, on weight loss, not health. Food is associate with feelings of failure and shame, and the relationship that any American women have is far from sacred.”
   2. “Our society normalizes our critical and self-sabotaging behavior. Our society itself is in a paradox. On one hand, we are experiencing a crisis of obesity and on the other hand, clothing companies have expanded their sizes to accommodate bigger bodies. This is a subtle yet illusory way of hiding reality from consumers.”
   3. “We need to dispel the idea of ‘getting over’ intense feelings of grief, rage, and sadness, and rather learn how to work with them respectfully. Without this, we can never fully heal.”

I’ll leave you with these questions: Do you see menopause as something to be dreaded? How would you categorize your own connection with food? When you cook (if you cook) can you see the process as sacred? What does that mean? Are you happy with your body? Do you stuff your emotions? Do you use alternative modalities in your self-care?

Thank you, Dr. Kumar for making us think, reframe and evaluate. Midlife, when it is time… I welcome you!


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About the Author

Dr. Rose Kumar is a Stanford-trained internist. Her mission is to help women discover who they really are and embrace their midlife transition, feeling empowered through mindfulness. She founded the Ommani Integrative Health Center and is the author of BECOMING REAL: Harnessing The Power of Menopause for Health and Success.

Connect with Dr. Kumar via:
Her website: www.ommanicenter.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheOmmaniCenter





About the Reviewer

Eden Kozlowski's passion is to move people into the calm and peace of their being and help them take responsibility for their work, life and health.

is founder/CEO of her dynamic meditation/mindfulness-based company out of Akron, Ohio USA – Just Be, LLC as well as a contributor to The Huffington Post and Co-Editor on the Meditation page at All Things Healing. Formerly an advertising creative director and VP out of Atlanta, Georgia, Eden now speaks, teaches, presents, facilitates anything and everything regarding meditation/mindfulness. Practicing since the year 2000, she started as a six-year student of Dr. Neala Peake’s (Co-Founder of ATH). She currently holds weekly classes, retreats and private sessions in person and via skype as well as in mindfulness and stress management at corporate, health and educational facilities.

See her interviews on ATH with 
Dr. Judith Orloff, psychiatrist and NY Times best-selling author; Sona Mehring, Founder and CEO of Caring Bridge; Elizabeth Lesser, Co-Founder of the Omega Institute; and Sarah McLean, the "face of mainstream meditation."


Website: justbemeditation.com
Blog: The Huffington Post
Facebook: www.facebook.com/JustBeMeditation
Twitter: @JustBeMeditate

Akron, OH USA




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