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Review of the Album: The Healing Journey Within: Meditations for Abundance and Love
by Eden Kozlowski,

ATH Co-Editor of Meditation


You ready for some nurturing, acceptance, abundance… OooOo? I literally just finished listening to the guided meditations in Shannon Rios’s new album: The Healing Journey Within: Meditations for Abundance and Love.

I became aware of Shannon’s work through my connection with All Things Healing. Essentially she is launching this CD, and her team wants to get the word out. My intent with this… I am all about supporting healing work and at the same time keeping it real. So, I’m going to share with you from the heart.

Quickly… Shannon’s scoop – she is a marriage and family therapist specializing in divorce and separation, an author, a Kundalini yoga instructor as well as a life/business coach.

So here’s my two cents as I’ve listened to lots of guided meditations and teaching meditation/mindfulness is my thing. First, keep in mind that the majority of my work is done in quiet. I listen to other people’s work to grow, discover new ways of looking at things and to share different concepts/works with my clients. Second, here’s a bigger picture recommendation that I want to give before I type on. When listening to “someone else’s words” – if something doesn’t resonate with you, change it. As a parallel, for example, I believe affirmations aren’t a one size fits all kinda thing. Not saying they still aren’t powerful. Yet, every person is different, on a different path, having different things going on inside and also on a subconscious level. So, for a guided meditation, take what feels good, right, appropriate for you and then see what else you can let go or open up to. If you are struggling with believing or being able to accomplish a certain aspect, it’s ok.

Via Shannon’s meditations there were two specific things I had never done before that were pretty neat. I had never literally brought words into my body. I’ve felt and seen them but never had them pass internally which seems so elemental now that I’ve done it. I loved this and will experiment with it more. And, for those who are really visual this could be especially powerful. I also had never connected to myself as a baby fresh out of the womb… done work with me as a lil’ baby or me as a child, but never directly at the pop-out second of birth. That was cool as well, and I could feel the strong, timeless connection that was working in that moment.

Shannon has a very comforting voice needed for this sort of work; but I think the most important part, you can feel that she wants to help and to help you achieve ALL that you want in the world. That is the key… her intent and belief in herself. We could all use more of that energy and more people like that around us.

Also, with the meditations, some are there specifically to help you move through challenges or hurt. If that is something not occurring in your life presently, use the meditations for the bigger picture. Each one (heart opening; I am safe, loved and nurtured; deserving and worthiness; and full moon) has something to offer regardless of where you are. That’s what I love about being individuals – we are free to take exactly what we need.

Finally, I appreciate that Shannon in one meditation states that it “will change your life.” I’m always realistic about words such as these because what if you aren’t ready? Some aren’t… that’s “what is” and again, that’s ok. In the end, it’s nice to know and feel that she believes it for you. However, these words from her encapsulate it all… “You are the only one who can fully meet all of your needs.”

That being said, these meditations will move you wherever you are in life. However, at the end of the day… you have to allow it.

Enjoy and best of luck, Shannon.



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About the CD Author

Shannon Rios, MS, LMFT is a licensed marriage and family therapist. Due to her passion for working with children and families, she formed LifeTheads Inc. in 2002. She specializes in the area of families of divorce, separation and conflict. Her process is called Family WORKS (Working it Out Responsibly for the Kids Sake). She taught Co-Parenting Through Your Divorce for the State of Minnesota for two years and currently teaches Coparenting and Divorce for the State of Colorado. She has completed many specialized trainings in the areas of families experiencing divorce and conflict. In 2006 she moved her practice to Colorado and has built her business in the areas of Therapy with Children and Families of Divorce and Conflict, Parenting Coordinator/Decision-Maker Work, Therapeutic and Supervised Visitation, and CFI (Child Family Investigator) Work. She focuses on assisting families and children of divorce/conflict to find their power and strength during a challenging life transition. She has had excellent success in empowering families to work together in the best interest of their child(ren).

She is also a successful life/business coach, author and Kundalini yoga instructor.

Learn more at:

Website: http://healthychildrenofdivorce.com/shannon-rios-ms-lmft/
Her book: The 7 Fatal Mistakes Divorced & Separated Make
Shannon's blog: http://healthychildrenofdivorce.com/Blog/
FB: http://www.facebook.com/healthychildrenofdivorce
Twitter: https://twitter.com/healthydivorce

For more info on the album visit: http://www.InLoveWithMe.com/album.html


About the Reviewer

Eden Kozlowski's passion is to move people into the calm and peace of their being and help them take responsibility for their work, life and health.

is founder/CEO of her dynamic meditation/mindfulness-based company out of Akron, Ohio USA – Just Be, LLC as well as a contributor to The Huffington Post and Co-Editor on the Meditation page at All Things Healing. Formerly an advertising creative director and VP out of Atlanta, Georgia, Eden now speaks, teaches, presents, facilitates anything and everything regarding meditation/mindfulness. Practicing since the year 2000, she started as a six-year student of Dr. Neala Peake’s (Co-Founder of ATH). She currently holds weekly classes, retreats and private sessions in person and via skype as well as in mindfulness and stress management at corporate, health and educational facilities.

See her interviews on ATH with 
Dr. Judith Orloff, psychiatrist and NY Times best-selling author; Sona Mehring, Founder and CEO of Caring Bridge; Elizabeth Lesser, Co-Founder of the Omega Institute; and Sarah McLean, the "face of mainstream meditation."


Website: justbemeditation.com
Blog: The Huffington Post
Facebook: www.facebook.com/JustBeMeditation
Twitter: @JustBeMeditate

Akron, OH USA




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