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Only Creative People Are Happy
by Erica Boucher



Editor's Note from Eden Kozlowski: For me...  meditation helps me access my creative powers and gives me an outlet for my emotional energies that need a place to flow. What is your outlet? For creativity? For emotional release?


At least, this is what OSHO used to say. OSHO was an Indian-born teacher and leader on meditation and spirituality. He understood that our emotions and our creativity are closely linked together. Since emotions are energy in motion, when we engage in creative activities, that energy is allowed to move, and be expressed. And we feel a release... and a sense of accomplishment.

I know a man who grieved the loss of his mother by working, daily, in his garden. Two years later, he had a breathtaking garden worthy of the "Yard of the Month" award for his community. He found a healthy way to process the sadness and grief he was experiencing, rather than letting his loss shut him down. In the end, he created something beautiful in memory of his mother. He created, rather than wallowing. He expressed, rather than shutting down.

As a result of channeling that emotional energy, he is not buckling under the weight of it, along with any other unprocessed emotional energy that can accumulate in the body. Rather, he feels a sense of lightness and freedom, an expansiveness he may not have found if he had handled things any other way.

Another friend processed a difficult break-up by taking up violin lessons, channeling her disappointment in a healthy way. Still another friend gave up drinking and smoking, and channeled that nervous energy differently when she took on yoga, a surprisingly creative outlet for those who are willing to make it their own intuitive practice.

Any creative outlet that invites moment-by-moment awareness and full presence—anything that you can simultaneously lose yourself and find yourself at the same time. If there a creative outlet you already know and love, consider going deeper with it. Or try something totally new to you. Gardening, dancing, writing, cooking, painting, learn a new instrument—anything that gets your creative juices flowing.

Be creative. Express yourself. Find ways to allow emotional energy to flow through you. And feel yourself getting lighter, and freer.



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About the Author


Erica Boucher is an International Yoga Trainer and Life Coach. She is the creator of EMPATH YOGA, and the author & creator of SHOWINGUP NAKED, a personal empowerment program that is about living so authentically, it’s like you are showing up naked. She offers an e-course, private coaching, retreats and trainings around the world.

Connect with Erica:

Website: www.ericaboucher.com



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