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Book Review – The Freedom Promise: 7 Steps To Stop Fearing What Food Will Do TO You and Embrace What It Can Do FOR You 
by Edith Kozlowski,

ATH Co-Editor of Meditation



Editor's Note from Eden Kozlowski: Want to stop dieting and start listening mindfully to the magic and wisdom of your own body? This book is a good start.


I wholeheartedly wanted to read this book as I like to partake in anything that speaks to the art and practice of mindfulness – especially when it come to food. Every piece of literature that I review for All Things Healing… it is always something I have acute interest in. I never do this… just to do it. Let me be clear on that one.

And, Mindy Gorman-Plutzer’s book didn’t fail in giving me new ideas, super science and more spicy nuggets to add to my own mindfulness teachings as well as in my own life. If you struggle with weight loss and dieting, this book will be an inspiration. If you want to learn more about your body-brain partnership and why you eat what you eat, this book will help you on your journey. If you are someone who is already into mindfulness and wants to specifically turn focus to food, this book will light the way.

To me, this one sentence in “The Freedom Promise” knocks it out of the park, “Your relationship with food will mirror how you work, relate to people and take care of yourself.” Big stuff, right?! The way we eat and nourish ourselves is a HUGE deal. It isn’t about food; it is about us. It is intertwined so delicately in our nerves, our memories, our impressions, our morals, our souls. To quote another segment, “Digestion starts in our heads.”

Mindy experienced her own private torment with “disordered eating” and very openly conveys her personal addiction to food and body image in her writings. I appreciate and applaud anyone who has been in a dark way, found a new direction and is then willing, purposeful and outspoken in wanting to help others. And that is what she does on a day-to-day basis as a health, nutrition and psychology coach. She is an individual who truly understands the sometimes crazy and irrational pain and suffering that walk hand and hand with something we all must do – eat.

Before writing this review, I got Mindy on the phone. I wanted the opportunity to get to know her and to feel her inspiration versus just reading about it.

I asked her what popular diets she thought had merit, if any. She clearly stated that some are good for some people. When I asked her if there was something key she wanted me to leave you with… these were her words, “The greatest gift people can take away is to have faith in themselves in knowing what is right for their bodies.”

And, that is so true. We are all different, all complex and all wonderfully unique. The mindfulness component that Mindy highlights in her writing, to me, is so important as the practice gives you that added capacity for YOU to uncover YOU and what works for YOU… be it eating, living, being. Now, read on…



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About the Author


In addition to being a board-certified health coach and nutritional consultant, Mindy Gorman-Plutzer is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach in Manhattan. Her specialty is finding the key issues relating to her clients’ relationship with food, most especially as it relates to their health and overall well being.

For 20 years, Mindy has helped men and women (hundreds of them) to achieve their “happy and healthy weight” by custom-designing for each a system of strategies that emphasize choice – not willpower – in a way that empowers them to transform their bodies, their health and their lives. She utilizes a unique combination of her own life experiences and her extensive education and training in nutrition, transformational coaching and eating psychology.

Mindy’s certification as an Eating Psychology Coach comes from The Institute for The Psychology of Eating (the world’s leading school of nutritional psychology). Her health coach/nutrition credentials were earned at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the world’s largest nutrition school.


Mindy is the author of The Freedom Promise: 7 Steps To Stop Fearing What Food Will Do TO You and Embrace What It Can Do FOR You, Balboa Press.


For further information go to: http://thefreedompromise.com



About the Reviewer


Eden's passion is helping people, her community and her world live the way of the heart – an inspired and rich way of being. Founder and CEO of Just Be, LLC – a dynamic company rooted in meditation/mindfulness practices – she gracefully shows individuals, teachers, students, companies and professionals how to de-stress and foster mental, physical and emotional wellness. Listen to Eden's free meditations and Be-isms and contact her for private sessions or classes via just-be.info. Also, read her blog on The Huffington Post.




Website: just-be.info
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Twitter: @JustBeMeditate

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